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Work Life Balance WorkshopRemember your first job when you were young? Most likely you put in your hours and then went home and didn’t think much about the job.  Work was work, home time was time off and weekends were party time! 🙂 You had a successful work life balance…

But then something happened. You grew older, received more responsibility. Maybe your employer cut back people and your work load increased. Or perhaps you even started your own business. As time went, on, the work half of your work life balance hit the bottom with a resounding “thunk” and your personal life became life “lite.”

In this workshop or on-on-one session, Garland will show you how to get your work and personal life back into balance. Some of the work life balance topics covered include:

  • How to take control and stop others from stealing your time from you
  • How to stop thinking and stressing about work when you are home
  • How to block time for family 
  • Tricks to spend time with friends while accomplishing other thing
  • The importance of setting a “date night” for your romantic relationships
  • The importance of “artist dates” – making time for your hobbies and passions
  • Tips to keep “screen time” at a healthy level
  • How to “outsource” tasks that keep you from enjoying your life
  • Pruning activities that add little value to your life

Whether you work for an employer or run your own business, Garland is passionate that  YOU deserve a great work life balance and he is determined to help you achieve it.

Start Treating Time As Important As Money

Most companies have a Chief Financial Officer or people have financial planners to look after money issues, but almost none have a “Chief Time Management Officer.” Call or email Garland today to get started on reclaiming your most valuable resource – time!

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