In this productivity walk video I talk about tech breaks and why it’s important to get away from your technology every now and then.

Technology is truly amazing. It lets me connect to clients around the world,  lets me teach people around the world and it lets me make videos like this for you folks.

So I truly love technology. I’m always trying out new software, always trying out new online techniques. Technology is a really good friend to me but I also find I have a need to take tech breaks.

The reason that I want to take a tech break is that too much of any one thing is not good for you. If I spend all day in front of a computer (which I do for my work) and then all evening in front of a TV or a screen to watch videos or do stuff online that I’m not really getting a full break from my work.

I do these tech breaks in a couple of ways.  One is I try to set aside at least one day a week for low tech. So on Sundays, I might do things like board games or walking or hiking or things that are more low-tech getting together with family and friends things that are really fun but they don’t have a lot of technology involved.

Secondly, I make sure a lot of my hobbies are low-tech. My hobbies are things like stargazing and photography and yes I know there’s some tech in them but the tech there is just used to make them more fun. It’snot really something that is all screen time. Whittling is another hobby I have.

Playing board games with family and friends is great fun  – card games, hiking, bicycling, swimming are all great things I do that are low-tech and really help refresh me. It makes my life feel so much more relevant, so much fuller when I do these things. Plus a lot of these hobbies are physical so they help my health as well as my as well as my productivity.

When I come back to work after a low-tech day or after doing my hobbies, I feel a lot more refreshed. It’s like my brain got a real rest because my brain was able to actually take time off work whereas if I had just entertained myself with screen time,  it doesn’t really feel the same way a full break would be if I went for a hike or a bicycle ride or swimming.

So give some thought to how you can incorporate tech breaks into your productivity regimen. Pick a day, pick an evening, pick some fun hobbies and go out and do them and you’ll find it will have a big impact on your productivity. You’ll come back a lot more refreshed if you liked this video please share it with others.