Today we’re going to talk about sacred time – what is it and why should it be important to you? And we’re going to retire the Captain Time hat. So what will garland wear on his head after this? Stay tuned.

So out with the old Captain Time hat and in with the new. I found this one recently at a shop and I fell in love with it and I like the look of it a little better than the rounded bowler type so this is the new Captain Time hat and you are amongst the first to see it!

So what is sacred time and why should it be important to you? Sacred time doesn’t apply to anything religious although certainly if you want to make more time for that in your life you could use it that way.

Sacred time is the time you treat as sacred. Time that you won’t let anything else interfere with. Time that you defend ruthlessly.

Sacred time works very well when there’s something you would like to achieve that you’ve been unable to achieve in the past and now you’re going to set aside dedicated sacred time every week for it.

This could be wanting to play a musical instrument. This could be writing a book, this could be fitness, it could really be anything you want to do but something that’s really important to you.

It could be learning to become a professional speaker, it could be painting it could be any kind of art you can think of. Now for most of us try to set aside time for maybe music or art or something that’s important to us but somehow we don’t treat it as important. We will go into work when we’re incredibly sick and can barely breathe but somehow we immediately give up our time for our own hobbies our own passions the moment anybody asks.

It’s like our own personal time comes last.

So with sacred time the idea is you think of your time as sacred. You say I’m going to spend four hours a week learning a musical instrument or one hour a day learning a musical instrument or I’m going to spend one hour a day writing or one hour a day painting or four hours a weekend.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s one hour a day three times a week for two hours, or whatever it is, it needs to be time that is set aside and sacred.

Your family needs to know you were not available during that time. Your friends need to know this if your friends are suddenly gonna go out and invite you, you just have to say “No, I have a prior commitment.” You don’t even have to tell them exactly what it is you just say I have a prior commitment and keep that time. Don’t let anybody take it away.

This is your time you’re not going to let anything interfere with it.

When you do this, you’ll find that you are working towards those really important goals and because you’ve had that time on that every week, you start making headway on your goals. It’s very fulfilling, it’s very freeing to know that no matter what that time is there for you.

So I want you to think about what will your sacred time be? I want you to think about what is it you really really like to accomplish – something you’ve always wanted to do. A hobby, a passion, a skill you’d like to develop – something that’s really important to you.

Set aside some sacred time next week and stick to it, defend it ruthlessly, take no prisoners, don’t let anybody ever take the sacred time away from you and let me know how it goes.

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