Here is a list of our webinar topics that are available to organizations, groups, and online summit organizers. The standard length for most webinars is 1 hour (about 45 minutes of instruction and 15 minutes of audience questions).

I usually teach these via my professional Zoom account, but can also work with whatever meeting platform you work with.

There is a 50% discount for registered non-profits and educational institutions.

Time Management and Productivity

  • Time Hacks for 2021
  • Time Management Success Formula
  • Goal Setting for 2022
  • Hiring & Working with Virtual Assistants
  • Running Effective Meetings
  • Outsourcing Tips & Tricks
  • Working from Home Effectively
  • Finding Your Life Purpose

Business Networking, Marketing & Entrepreneurship

  • Introduction to Online Networking using Bizmentum (FREE)
  • Building Online Business Relationships via Social Media
  • The State of Online Business Networking in 2021
  • Digital Nation Building
  • How to Freelance Online
  • Earn Money Online as a Virtual Assistant
  • Creating & Sell Your Online Courses
  • What is Your Customer Value Ladder?

Mind Mapping

  • Introduction to Mind Mapping
  • Mind Mapping for Coaching
  • Goal Setting by Mind Mapping
  • Lean Canvas Mind Mapping
  • Running Effective Meetings with Mind Mapping
  • Digital Nation Building Mind Map
  • Creating a Customer Value Ladder Mind Map


  • Effective Meetings for Non-Profits
  • Time Tips for Non-Profits
  • Mind Mapping for Non-Profits

FREE Webinars

  • Introduction to Online Networking using Bizmentum (FREE)

For pricing on these webinars, contact me.

Reducing Distractions Video

Reducing Distractions Video

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