If you’re thinking about hiring a virtual assistant, you’re probably concerned about the cost. But did you know that hiring a virtual assistant can actually save you money? I created our free Virtual Assistant Cost Savings Calculator to show the potential cost savings when you hire a virtual assistant.




When you hire a virtual assistant, you want them to take over the repetitive work that you or your employees are doing now so that you and your team can focus on those high-value tasks that grow your company. A good virtual assistant is often faster at these tasks than your employees (after a learning phase) because they can focus on just that task instead of being pulled in different directions.

Alternatively, you might be hiring a virtual assistant to do work your team isn’t good at such as specialized skills such as copywriting, SEO, or social media marketing. In this case, a good VA will again be faster than your employees at the work.

When creating the virtual assistant cost savings calculator, I kept the calculation simple by assuming that the virtual assistant is at the same efficiency level as you or your employee. So for each one hour a task would have taken team members, I assume the VA also takes one hour.

But, as mentioned above, VAs are often faster at repetitive or specialized tasks than employees.

In this example, we are assuming that your employee is being paid $55 per hour and you have hired a VA for $20 per hour and that the tasks moved from the team member to the virtual assistant involve 20 hours per week – 80 hours per month.

In this example, you save $2,800 per month or $33,600 per year by having the VA do the work.

Now I am sure some of you are shouting “Wait, but I still have to pay my employee so this is costing me more.” This is true, but if you unlock the creativity of your team so they can focus, usually you can generate a lot more money than the cost of the virtual assistant.

I use virtual assistants so I am free to focus on marketing and closing strategic partnerships. The new income from my marketing and partnerships allows me to hire multiple virtual assistants.

Hiring a virtual assistant not only saves you money, but it protects your creative team members from overwhelm by not getting bogged down in repetitive work or struggling with work they lack the skills for.

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