One of my “secrets” to delegation is “video delegation. ” Here is what video delegation is and how I use it.

What is Video Delegation?

You might ask “What is video delegating. Garland? Is it delegating out creating my YouTube videos?”

While you can use video delegating for video creation, it is much more than that. Video delegation is actually just delegating your tasks through video instead of through your standard written email instructions or written task management systems

Let’s see how this works.

Video Delegation is Easier and Faster

In this case (see video above), I’m looking at an Airtable spreadsheet of potential conferences in Canada I might want to speak at on time management and productivity. While I could do this task myself, this kind of Internet research is perfect to delegate to a virtual assistant.

Under normal circumstances, if you’re going to start writing out these instructions you might open up a document or in your tasks system and start writing exactly what you want.

There’s a lot of information you would have to type to type out to do this along with possible screenshots. On the other hand, if I could just be talking aloud to my freelancer while sharing my computer screen and capture it on the video.

I can tell them what to put in each field, show them the sources, highlight examples of suitable and nonsuitable conferences, just by speaking and doing a few example ones.

Video delegating is much faster than any other system that I have ever used. It’s incredibly fast to just be able to capture these screens and my voiceover.

Video Delegation Tool: Loom

The video delegating tool I use is called Loom. It is a simple browser extension that adds a little button here in my browser. When I click on the button Loom lets me choose whether I want to record the desktop screen, webcam or both.

After I capture a video in Loom, Loom gives me an easy sharing button I can put into an email or task. Loom keeps all of my videos in a library so essentially I’m creating a whole library of videos to do all the documentation for my business at the same time I am delegating.

Over time all my processes will be documented and this makes it much easier to train new team members as they come on board.

Videos are also much more engaging and I can also show a webcam video of me chatting with them. Video delegation is a lot more like delegating in person. And, when I’m dealing with people all around the world helps me build stronger connections because the video has motion and sound rather than just being plain text on the page. I can explain things in great detail much faster again than having to

Other Uses

In addition to video delegation, I use video and Loom for video messaging.  I can record videos for strategy discussions with clients. For example, I can create a video and send clients a video brainstorming session on their YouTube channel or on their search engine optimization strategy.

I really find that video delegating saves me a ton of time every day. It’s just so much easier when I assign a task to a freelancer. In my task management system, I have actually created a separate field for video instructions so I can just easily go ahead and drop the video instruction link right in the field.

I hope you enjoyed this video. If you have any questions about video delegation please contact me. Please also hit the like and subscribe button on the video and tell me what other videos you’d like me to create.

-Garland Coulson “Captain Time”