In this video and article, want to talk about how to use value ladder for business growth. 


Value Ladder Definition

A value ladder is marketing strategy where you offer series of products or services with increasing value and pricing at each step. So this creates customer journey starting from your inexpensive offerings to your high-end exclusive services. This helps you develop and sell more profitable products and services. 

The examples I’m going to use here are from my own time management coaching business. You can download a copy of this mind map and use it as template for your own value ladder brainstorming. 


First Rung: Your Value Ladder Freebies

So the first rung, the first step in your ladder is the entry level. These are the free items, the things that don’t really cost anything for people to connect with you. 

Some of the examples of this might be:

  • blog posts
  • checklists
  • guides
  • free ebooks
  • free courses 
  • YouTube channel
  • Social media
For example, I’ve created a free download called The Connection Codewhich is short guide for business networking for people. So the uses for this rung of your value ladder are primarily to build your list, to build your social media followers, position yourself as an authority, and of course creating all these articles and this content works great for search engine optimization. 

This level is how people connect with you for free. These connection offerings are great way to introduce yourself to people, and position yourself as an authority. 

Second Rung: Building Blocks

The second run, or level of your value ladder is what call building blocks. You can call these whatever you want – the idea is just that you have multiple levels that you take people through. 

So in the building blocks level, the client investment is is modest. It’s inexpensive. They might be spending anywhere from $20 to $500 for product or service from you. 
  • For example my book, “Stop Wasting Time, is about the cost of pizza.
  • Or you might have some basic online courses. have courses like Inbox Zero and Running Effective Meetings that people can pick up for under $50. also run some workshops and webinars that are under $100 each.
  • have some basic coaching that runs between $100 to $500. This is 1-on-time management coaching and 1-on-one digital marketing coaching. 

These are the tools where work directly with people that are fairly inexpensive. A modest investment for people, good value but modest investment. 

Most of us are good at the entry-levelWe know about lead magnets. We know why they’re important, and most of us are pretty good about getting the building blocks that next product in there. But levels and 4 are where most of us struggle. 

Rung 3: The Signature Experience

For level #3I’m calling this the Signature Experience. Again, you can call it whatever you want. The idea here is the clients are going to invest little more money now. They’re going to invest maybe $500 to $5,000 and they’re going to get lot more value for  that investment. 

You can survey your clients, to find out what additional help and value would they be willing to pay more for

Here are some examples and again these are from my time coaching. 

  • More in-depth online courses, maybe 50 plus videos in each course. 
  • I could even license these courses knowledge database to corporations.
  • More intensive coaching programs, that might run for weeks or month. Perhaps a coaching portal for clients, weekly group check ins, personal orientation and roadmap. can create additional value by adding checklist, templates, mind maps, lot of things they wouldn’t get kind of in normal shorter coaching program.
  • Software training for larger companies. teach task management  and CRM software. 
  • I could create custom marketing plans for people, custom products, perhaps even bespoke like custom productivity system, for my clients. 

So that’s that Signature Experience, deeper level, providing more value and something clients are willing to pay more money for. 

Rung 4: The Exclusive Offer

The next level is the exclusive offer, Client investment is  $5,000 plus to start. We want to be shooting for 10,000 to $75,000. These are top-tier offerings for loyal clients, people who love what you do. 

You want to create immense value for them, an experience that will have massive impact on your client success. Something that’s going to totally transform their business, workflow, or life. 

In these cases of major transformations, it’s cheap to pay $10,000 or $75,000 for the package because they‘re getting 10 times or more of that value in return. 

Here are some examples and again, this is for using my own coaching program as guideline. 

  • Consulting – I could offer consulting services where might review their tech stacks, survey their teams on morale, productivity, and roadblocks, and then recommend productivity improvements, software recommendations, advise on workflows and structure and provide training for them. So this would be more intense. might be going into company for weeks or months working with them. 
  • Retreats – I could offer intensive or day retreats, for $7,500-$12,000.
  • Mastermind Groups – could offer mastermind groups, uh, for business owners that are serious about improving their business. would be the facilitator, advisor, help with goal setting, visioning, and accountability within the group. 

Value Ladder: Something for Everyone

So that’s the value ladder.

  1. FREE: Starting off with the free entry level resources to get them to follow you, connect with you, position yourself as an expert, help your SEO, 
  2. BUILDING BLOCKS: Offer the building blocks. The products and services, you’re going to offer them that are inexpensive, $20 to $500. 
  3. THE SIGNATURE EXPERIENCE: Higher value, deeper experience offerings from $500 to $5,000
  4. THE EXCLUSIVE OFFER: Amazing experiences that transform people, businesses, workflows. $10,000+

If you’d like help creating your value ladder, you can book some value ladder coaching sessions with me.

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