Today I’m going to look at how I use Notion for content planning.

This isn’t like an overall review of Notion or an in-depth look at Notion –  it’s how I use Notion for one particular thing – Notion for content planning.

Notion is a combination of a database plus a wiki plus a task management system. It’s got a lot of different things built in you can almost create little websites in it.

You can do is you can create pages for each of the things you’re doing so in this case I’ve got tasks, video content planning, my training library, my contact management software (CRM), ideas for forum posts, etc.

I can create for the different projects I’m working on: my book writing project, my coaching program, my vlogging, my workshops, my marketing projects, etc. So you basically have sections for each and I even have a section for personal planning such as my Christmas party, personal goals, home tasks, travel plans and the like.

Today we’re gonna look at video content planning so what I’ve done here is I just capture over in this column any idea I have that could possibly be an idea for doing a video or a vlog on it or a presentation.

How I use Notion for content planning

I have a process that I go through when I’m working with a particular topic or a video idea so I put that process over here with a series of checkboxes so it makes it very easy for me to see at a glance what was I working on and what stage was I at. This is a video I’ve just uploaded for  – a day without time challenge.  I started by doing some keyword research. I worked out what should the SEO title be for search engine optimization, I added it to my tracking to track how well it eventually ranks in Google for that particular keyword. The written box means I’ve written the presentation. Then I tick recorded, edited, and so on as each task is completed. Then I upload the video to YouTube and have my virtual assistant create a blog post from it. Then I’ll send it out to my email list, then promote it through social media and some other websites.

When it’s my video content planning time I can see at a glance what needs to be done next and what stage each video is at. I can drag and drop these so if I think that you know this one should be higher up than that one then I can easily drag and drop them and move around.

It’s a great way to be able to see at a glance what’s going on with my video content planning where I’m at I never get lost I can also add comments if I want.

I just wanted to show you how I’m Using Notion for this so it will give you a feel for fays you might be able to use this for yourself. Thanks for listening