Feedly NewspaperUsing Feedly To Create Your Own Newspaper

Go out and buy  a large national newspaper and read through it. How many of the articles are really on topics YOU are interested in?

As my life gets busier, I don’t want to waste my time reading about thing I ‘m not interested in. What if we could all have our own personal newspaper with ONLY the articles on topics we choose?

We can – with Feedly!

What is Feedly?

Feedly is an news aggregator program that lets you read articles from most sources on the web in one easy to manage application. You can read your news online, or on your mobile device (iPhone, iPad and Android)

This lets you choose what categories of topic you would like to read and even the EXACT news source you want to follow.

Feedly For Your Work & Career

In my work, I teach time management, So I need to keep up with the latest trends, tools and resources in these fields so that I can use them to help my clients.

There are almost no articles on time management  in major newspapers and when there are, they are hopelessly out of date.  This could be why newspapers are now selling for a tiny fraction of the value from years ago.

So buying a newspaper for my work is useless.

Instead, I scour the Internet for the best writers/bloggers online in the time management field and simply add their web site address to Feedly. Whenever they post a new article, it shows up in my Feedly.

Feedly For Your Hobbies & Passion

Life is about more than work. We also like to play! I have several hobbies including wood carving, mountan dulciers, Native American flutes, reading, writing and star gazing.

Once again,  I find the top writers/sources on the internet and follow their articles in Feedly. And, in return, Feedly delivers a steady stream of intriguing articles about space, wood carving, publishing and music for me.

Feedly For News

Ah but what about REAL news? The supposedly important politics and crime garbage that seems to fill most newspapers? No problem. If I want it,  I can access such reputable sources as BBC News, CNN and others and add them to Feedly.

Feedly gives ME control of what I want to read – not what some editor thinks I should read.

Using Feedly

To get started, just go to Feedly and sign up – it’s free. Feedly suggests content for you but you can also add content by grabbing the url on any page and clicking on the add content+.

You can also download an app to your Android, iPhone or iPad device to read Feedly there. My favourite place to reed my Feedly newspaper is on my tablet. and smartphone. For your browser, Feedly also has apps for Chrome and Firefox.

I can also easily clip articles I want to keep into Evernote or other apps or share by email.

Feedly is not only my source for daily news, but my research partner for my professional learning and my playing and lifestyle advisor.  I am not affiliated with Feedly in any way – I just like their service.

A great way to get news for the 21s century.