Unplanned downtime can hit for many reasons: Materials you need didn’t arrive, you are forced to wait in line at banks, medical clinics, and other places, or you may have Internet outages.

Instead of being upset over lost time, think of this as “found” time. Time you can reinvest into something else productive.

Unplanned Downtime Productivity Ideas & Examples

Here are some of the ways I handle downtime when it hits.

  • Look for unaffected parts of the project you can do – jump ahead to later parts if not dependent on the next step you were going to to
  • Example: During an Internet outage, I was still able to work on my upcoming workshop because I had already clipped a number of web articles on the topic I was using for inspiration. These web clippings were available in my Notes program.
  • Example 2: While waiting in a medical clinic waiting room, I wrote the outline for an upcoming workshop I was preparing on my smartphone.
  • Personal Development Time: Treat the time as personal development time – Use your smartphone to read an ebook, listen to a podcast, or continue working on an online course.
  • Exercise:  Take the time to go through an exercise routine. I have a Qi Gong exercise video downloaded to my smartphone for just this purpose. No Internet needed for this.

Your Smartphone Can Be a Productivity Tool

I use my smartphone as a productivity tool during downtime periods. Here are just some of the things I can do during downtime on my smartphone:
  • Reply to emails
  • Work in my task management system
  • Create outlines for upcoming workshops, product launches, etc
  • Write web copy
  • Check the latest posts on my online business network, Bizmentum
When it comes to time, remember that it is “Your Time, Your Choice.”
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