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Time management training - Captain Time - Garland Coulson

My name is Garland Coulson, also known as “Captain Time.”

I have spent over 25 years mastering time management and I continue to learn and grow every day.

At first, I was determined to learn time management for my own career, but I soon found myself helping others wherever I worked. Eventually, I became a time management trainer and speaker, reaching thousands of people.

Time management is the “missing” skill they don’t teach in school or university. No matter how brilliant or talented you are, if you always running out of time, you can’t apply your skills to their fullest.

How do I learn about time management? I eagerly seek out the most powerful time management techniques and tools, test them, refine them and then share what I learn with others. I might spend weeks finding the perfect time management tool for a project.

Time management isn’t just about work. One of the reasons I love to teach time management is so that people have more time for what is important in their life.  Time for family, friends, community and passions. Or time just to be a human “be-ing” instead of a human doing.

More time for those moments that take your breath away…

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