Time Management Tools

I am often asked which time management tools I use. Since they change from time to time, I thought I would set up a list online where everyone could see the latest tools I am working with.

Please note that these are not always the best tools for each of you, they are the ones I use. If you would like help choosing your own time management tools for your own needs, contact me.

Task Management

After weeks of testing, Teamwork Projects won to become my chosen task management system. Key factors in my decision were:

  • ability to add task templates
  • integration with Gmail
  • integration with Chrome
  • time tracking
  • ability to assign tasks to outside freelancers
  • excellent support

I offer Teamwork Projects training for others wanting to learn this powerful, easy to use system.

Time Tracking

Toggl is a great, free tool that you can use to track your time. It is web-based, so it works with any operating system and you can access your time from anywhere. Also offers a mobile version.

Toggl will help you find interruptions and show you where your time is spent.

I use it to track time to my major roles like marketing, product development, client projects, etc. to make sure ALL aspects of my business receive the proper amount of time each week.

Password Keeper

Keepass is a free password keeping tool that works on Windows, Mac O/S, Linux, Android and iPhone/iPad.

Most people reuse passwords because they are hard to remember, So if hackers get your passwords, they get full access to you email, banking information, social media and more.

Keepass will create complex hard to break passwords for you that you then just copy and paste where needed and your password database is encrypted to help prevent theft. I love the search feature that lets me call up any password with a few keystrokes.

Text Expander

A text expander lets you insert blocks or snippets of text with a few key strokes or a keyboard shortcut.  For example, typing ‘sig’ could insert an email signature or typing

I use Phrase Express to create canned email replies, sales letters, support ticket replies, insert urls and even to insert currency symbols like £ or € .

You can even use it to assemble whole long documents like proposals and business plans from modules. I use this program daily and it saves me a  LOT of time.

Note Taking

Microsoft OneNote is my auxiliary brain.

I use it as my personal knowledge database. It contains notes, web clippings, templates, plans, article ideas, client work, personal information, hobbies, and more. Almost all of my writing is in OneNote.

I can access all my notes on my desktop, laptop, computer, tablet or smart phone. Another tool I use every day.

Web Clipping

I am constantly researching the web for myself and my clients. Whenever I find a web resource, I “clip it” using Microsoft OneNote.

OneNote lets me collect and curate research topics like time management, marketing and even for personal things like recipes and hobbies. I can organize them into notebooks and share with others. A simple search will

My resources can be accessed from anywhere with my smart phone, tablet or computer.


For fast brainstorming, there is nothing like mind mapping. The mind mapping program I use is Xmind. Xmind lets  me take visual notes and I can close and open each branch on the mind map to focus in on topics.

I use Xmind for brainstorming during meetings, taking notes during coaching, training, and for my own planning. I also use it while reading powerful business books to condense the lessons into visual topic trees that make it easy to apply the lessons and create tasks form them.


Gmail has been my goto email program for many years.

I have tried many others but have always come back.

As a leading program, most other programs make themselves compatible with Gmail. For example, Teamwork Projects has a great Gmail add-on that lets me create tasks from directly within Gmail.

Client Scheduling

As a Time Management Coach, I need to quickly book appointment with my clients.

But my clients are scattered around the world so the time zones make it difficult. And if I suggest Monday at 3 and they suggest Tuesday at 11, we can go back and forth for days trying to find a date that works for both of us.

My solution for this has been ScheduleOnce. Schedule Once synchronizes with my Google Calendar so it knows all my openings and shows them to my clients in their LOCAL time zone. Brilliant! Clients book with me and it automatically shows up on my calendar. I can block out which times I am regularly available and the system even sends a reminder to the client.

This has resulted in a lot more business for me as it is easy for clients to schedule times with me.


Email Automation

Email list management is very important to me. I have people signing up for my online school, my newsletter and my webinars. I use ConvertKit to handle all of these signups and to automate a lot of my communication with my subscribers.

I used to use Mail Chimp but it wasn’t able to handle all my needs.

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