Time Management Tools from Captain TimeWhen I teach workshops on time management, people are always keen to know what time management tools I use personally. I think they assume if I use a tool, it must be the best one.

This isn’t always true. I choose a time management tool based on which one works best for ME on a task. Someone else might like the interface better on a different tool or find it works better for them.

But, since I am asked this question so often, I created a database of all the time management tools I use.  See all 44 time management tools Garland uses.

Here are 5 of my top time management tools that I will highlight. These are the tools I use every day to make my business a success.

“Captain Time’s” Top 5 Time Management Tools

  1. Teamwork Projects
  2. MailerLite
  3. Phrase Express
  4. Airtable
  5. Gmail

Teamwork Projects

Teamwork Projects is my favourite task management tool. It is my “goto” dashboard that shows all the work being done across my business, including the work being done by my team and outside freelancers.

It is where I start my every morning. I love the task template feature that lets me create checklists or task lists that are all pre-filled out for certain groups of tasks like setting up a new web site or promoting a new piece of content.


MailerLite is the tool I have moved all my email marketing and list management to. I have tried other tools like MailChimp, ConvertKit, and Constant Contact in the past and I prefer the features and user interface of MailerLite. Since building my email list is one of my most important marketing initiatives, MailerLite is a critical part of my marketing and automation systems.

Phrase Express

Phrase Express is a tool that gets use probably every hour of my work day. Phrase Express is a text expander that lets me automate email replies, sales proposals, tool recommendations and reports. Here is an article on how I save time with text expanders.


Airtable is a new tool in my toolbox, but has quickly become indispensable. I use Airtable to create my own databases and productivity tools for myself and my clients. Here is my Airtable review that shows some of the features and how I use it.


Like most people, my email is a key part of my communication. I use Gmail, along with my Inbox Zero Email Mastery System to ensure my email inbox is clear every day and all my clients and prospects are helped. I also integrate my Gmail with Teamwork Projects so I can create tasks right from my emails in Gmail and link them to the email.

I hope you enjoyed this article highlighting 5 of the tools I use everyday. Please share this article with others.

See all 44 time management tools Garland uses.