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time management speaker Garland Coulson Captain TimeWhy choose time management speaker, Garland Coulson (Captain Time) for your next conference or event?

When you choose Captain Time, you give your participants something more valuable than money – you give them time! Time is more valuable than money. If you run short of money, there are always ways to get more. But if you run out of time…that’s it!

Memorable, Powerful, Useful

Garland’s presentations are powerful, yet understandable for everyone. People go away with techniques and tools they can use everyday, not “ivory tower” concepts. Garland’s passion and power are mixed with light-hearted humour to create a memorable presentation that will impact your attendees for years to come.

time management speaker no death by powerpoint

NO “Death By PowerPoint”

We’ve all nearly fallen asleep in a darkened room while a droning, monotone speaker shows slide after slide of a PowerPoint loaded with bullet points. Garland’s presentations aren’t like that. Garland is engaging and funny and his slides are high impact graphic images that make his audience laugh and think.

Customizable Time Management Speaker Presentations

Garland’s broad experience means he can customize presentations for your industry or situation. Garland has done custom time management speaker presentations for:

  • health
  • tourism
  • non-profits
  • entrepreneurs and small business owners
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • financial industry
  • schools, colleges and universities
  • and many more

Genuine, Practical Help For Your Attendees

Garland’s time management techniques work for ANYONE. People are unique and Garland understands and works with this. Rather than forcing everyone into one type of time management system or software, Garland’s time management techniques work:

  • for any age level
  • for both paper pushers or computer geeks
  • for staff, managers

Get Proof Of Garland’s Ability

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