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Time Management Skills Training

What If You Could Triple Your Team’s Productivity?

Time Management Skills Training

What If You Could Triple Your Team’s Productivity?


Your business is only as good as your people. But few teams have had professional time management skills training. Time management is the “missing” skill that cripples an organization’s productivity.

This leaves some or all team members struggling with their workload.

Do you find that your people are:

  • Falling behind on deadlines?
  • Feeling overwhelmed?
  • Getting distracted?
  • Making mistakes?
  • Working insane hours and still not getting work done?

Your team NEEDS access to quality time management skills training to truly excel.


I am a time management speaker, consultant and coach and I have helped thousands of people who have seen their productivity soar as a result of my training.

I have worked with people in large corporations, government, small businesses and nonprofits. I have worked with people in fields like health, finance, education, business, speaking, telecommuting and many others.

I have created a unique hybrid online training/coaching system that merges my extensive time management skills training library with weekly, real life help for members of your team

I want to work with you and YOUR team to double or even TRIPLE their productivity.

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Garland is truly extraordinary! Five stars doesn’t even touch on the high level of service and support you will receive from Garland
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Thanks for your transformation of my work experience
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Chat with Garland for a few minutes and you’ll be making statements like, “What a great idea!” and “Now I get it!” He is the e-business Buddha!
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Instruction video for training and how to teaching using streaming internet media or other types of film as DVD and online viewing represented by a clapboard an film slate cinema symbol..


Extensive time management skills training library with new videos every month.



Live Q & A sessions and exclusive live webinars with “Captain Time.”

time management skills coaching


Professional time management coach answers your team’s questions and provides guidance and expertise.

As part of our Time Management Skills Training program, you will receive access to:

  1. Extensive time management skills video library
  2. New time management skills videos every month
  3. Downloadable podcasts to listen to on the go
  4. Exclusive webinars
  5. Group coaching sessions (2 per month)
  6. Powerful free and low cost time management tools
  7. Checklists to help reduce errors and complete tasks in a fraction of the time
  8. Time log reviews and recommendations
  9. Work automation tips
  10. Work/life balance support
  11. Exclusive mastermind group

With this program, your team gets help each week from a time management expert, can access new resources every month and can review the course videos and content at any time.


I will do a free onboarding webinar for your team to show them how to use the training system successfully and get them started on their journey to time management mastery.

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