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Lean Companies = Less People + MORE Work

Of all the professional development skills needed for success, topping the list is Time Management.

Without great time management skills, even the most creative leader or the hardest working employee gets buried in administration and increasing distractions and demands on their time.

To compete globally, companies have cut staffing to the bone, increasing the workload for each team member until the burden becomes overwhelming. Our increasingly digital world bombards our team with massive amounts of information daily – like drinking water from a fire hose.

“Digital paperwork” is even faster and more overwhelming than old school paperwork. The new millennium needs new time management skills training

Time is the most valuable coin of your life – more valuable than money. If you run out of money there are many ways to get more, increase sales, cut expenses, selling stock or even crowdfunding. But when you run out of time…that’s it!

Introducing “Captain Time” – Garland Coulson

Garland Coulson has over 20 years of time management training and mastery. Garland has helped business owners, managers, non-profits, government agencies, entrepreneurs and individuals take control of their time to achieve greater success. He is a sought-after speaker, consultant and trainer who combines clear vision and creative solutions along with a gentle humour and patience that makes him an amazing teacher and mentor. He is affectionately known as “Captain Time” to his clients and colleagues.

Clear, Outside Analysis Of Your Workplace

Time Management Trainer - Garland Coulson

“Captain Time” – Garland Coulson

It is impossible to solve problems at the same level of thinking that created them.” – Albert Einstein

It is incredibly difficult to look at our own work objectively and see solutions – you are too busy doing the work. This is why it works so well to bring time management expert Garland into your organization to help. Garland has helped thousands of clients in a wide range of fields and brings you a wealth of experience and solutions learned from these years of work.

While working with you, Garland will:

  • analyze work flows
  • identify training needs
  • provide a comprehensive report and plan on how to increase your team’s productivity and save you money
  • provide guidance on implementing the solutions
  • deliver time management training to your team

Start Treating Time As Important As Money

Most companies have a Chief Financial Officer to look after money issues, but almost none have a “Chief Time Management Officer.” Contact Garland today to get started on reclaiming your most valuable resource – time!

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