In this video, I talk about “The Vacation Effect” and how it affects your productivity.

What is The Vacation Effect?

Have you ever noticed that in the last week or so leading up to your vacation, you seem to get more done?

I call this the vacation effect.

Why are we More Productive Just Before Vacation?

Here are some reasons why you get more done when you are getting ready to go on vacation.

1. Focus: You narrow your focus to only what has to get done before you go. You don’t worry about all the other tasks – you put them aside until you get back.
2. Prioritize: You laser in and pinpoint your highest priority tasks and only work on these high priority tasks since you know you can’t get to all the tasks.
3. Harder Work: You work harder so you won’t be so far behind when you get back from vacation.
4. Control Time Better: You don’t let people interrupt you as much because you only have so many hours to get everything done before you leave.
5. Morale/Energy Boost: You usually gain a morale and energy boost from knowing you will soon be on break and be having exciting and relaxing experiences.

So How do you get More of The Vacation Effect into your Everyday Work?

1. Learn to narrow your focus to just the important project you are working on right now.
2. Prioritize as if this was your last week you were going to be going on holidays – what is really critical right now?
3. Minimize distractions as much as possible,
4. Think of weekends as mini-vacations. Do more exciting things on the weekend to cultivate that morale and energy boost you get from a vacation break. My wife and I have “adventure days” most weekends where we focus on having fun, exploring our local area and attractions and banish all talk and thinking of work, bills and other non-fun mundane things.

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