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As a time management speaker, trainer and consultant I have many projects to manage. After years of trying different project management systems, I have chosen TeamworkPM™ as the best balance of features, flexibility and price. Now, I want to help others unlock the power of this amazing project management system with my TeamworkPM™ Training workshops and webinars.

Why TeamworkPM™?

In my quest for the ultimate project management system, I spent weeks testing all the systems I could find and those recommended to me by others. At the end of my test, only 1 was left standing – TeamworkPM™.

I chose TeamworkPM™ for these main reasons

  1. Cloud-Based: I can access it from my computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone
  2. Intuitive Interface: Easy to use interface with everything I need clearly laid out. Lots of controls over what I want to see. Can drag tasks to reorder priorities
  3. Time Tracking: Track by client, project or task.
  4. Collaborate and Share: Team members can share tasks, files, notebooks and add comments to tasks to update them

Want to try TeamworkPM? You can
check out TeamworkPM here.

Here are some testimonials about my Teamwork PM training.

Amy Kazor
Amy Kazor Accomplish VA, Inc.

Thank you so much for your time today and the great training…I will get back in touch with you in a few weeks and see what steps we need to take to make me a master task manager in Teamwork PM, and if nothing else comes up, talk time management! 🙂

TeamworkPM™ Training For Managers

As the manager, you need to learn how to use TeamworkPM™ to manage work done by others. In this TeamworkPM™ training session, you will learn:

  • How to set up TeamworkPM™ for your company
  • How to add Projects, Task Lists and Tasks
  • How to work with Milestones
  • How to delegate and followup effectively
  • How to track your team’s time
  • How to use reports to see project status at a glance
  • How to use TeamworkPM™ to collaborate with your team whether they are in your office or scattered worldwide
  • How to use the system’s GANTT charts
  • How to manage your team’s permissions and project access
  • How to integrate other tools like Dropbox and Google Docs

TeamworkPM Training For Users

  • How to find your tasks
  • How to identify top priorities
  • How to track your time on tasks and projects
  • How to share files, links and comments
  • How to use status updates to keep your colleagues informed
  • How to use theshared calendar
  • How to access your TeamworkPM™ tools with smartphones and tablets

Booking Your TeamworkPM™ Training

Here are the ways we offer TeamworkPM™ training:

  1. Live In-House Training: We fly to your city and train right in your office
  2. One-On-One Via The Internet: I will train you or any of your team members with a one-on-one session over the Internet. Learn from any computer while I guide you through how to work effectively with TeamworkPM™.
  3. Webinar: I will train your group in an online training room.


You can book a one-on-one session below. We also offer group webinars or live training for groups. To book this session for your group, either in person or via webinar, contact us using one the form below:

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