Running Effective Meetings Online CourseMeetings are truly the most-dreaded business ritual of all time. Not only do they waste time and drag on – they rarely ever accomplish anything! Worst of all, unproductive meetings are literally draining money from your business. While one person drones on and on, your skilled workers are getting paid to doodle, nod off, or sit in silence while their eyes glaze over. Unfortunately, Running Effective Meetings” is a soft skill that few leaders have learned.

I’m Garland Coulson, a.k.a. Captain Time. I’ve studied time management for over 30 years and helped coach thousands of professionals like yourself to reclaim their time, money, and lives.

I’m here to tell you meetings don’t have to be a nightmare of unproductiveness and boring “Death by Powerpoint” presentations.

Imagine if you could pack one endless, unproductive, 4-hour-long meeting into a single, laser-focused, 1-hour meeting.

Properly done, your meetings can become powerful, energizing sessions with clear boundaries for discussion – where everyone walks away with a strong plan for action.

Give me one hour, and I’ll teach you everything you need to know to save yourself HUNDREDS of wasted hours over the course of your business career.

In my “Running Effective Meetings” Course, I’ll show you:

  • The 17 meeting ground rules that allow your meetings run more smoothly
  • How to finish your meeting with an effective action plan that has tangible priorities, responsibilities, and due dates
  • How to write an agenda that keeps your meetings on track
  • Who to invite to make your meeting a success
  • What reports to have prepared – so you can spend less time talking about what everyone already knows, and more time moving forward
  • The six best ways to capture notes that everyone can access later
  • How to engage attendees and encourage everyone to participate
  • How to gently keep your meeting on track, without getting derailed by extra details or minor issues
  • When to stop asking questions and confidently conclude your meeting (without running over)
  • How to handle controversial meeting topics and not get taken off track
  • How to cover everything and still end on time… so you have time to actually work (or better yet, go home!)

Best of all, I’ve drilled everything down to just the most essential steps – no fluff. Each lesson is in a short, easy-to-follow video. So you can pause the course at any point and the course remembers where you were.

You can redo the course as often as you want.

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