“A lot of us who have been working from home have been experimenting with various ways to improve our productivity — or, at least, have been thinking about doing so. There are so many different systems that it can be overwhelming for the average nonproductive person who simply wants to be told which they should use.

But Garland Coulson — a.k.a. Captain Time — will tell you: It’s not so simple. The time-management coach based in Alberta, Canada, has tested many productivity methods, such as the Pomodoro Technique and Eat That Frog, and he said that, although most are helpful, there’s no universal “best.” He recommends trying each one for a couple of weeks, then modifying them to suit your needs.”

Garland Coulson

Angela Haupt

Freelance Writer, Washington Post

“Garland is a time management wizard and very knowledgeable consultant on business in general and workflow productivity. He provided keen insights in a focused, kind manner. It was a pleasure learning alongside Garland. I enthusiastically recommend him for time management coaching and much more!”

Loren S

Stand Consulting

I have fully implemented the zero email inbox system you showed us at the workshop on Wednesday. Wow it feels amazing to have all of the emails gone from one big list to and nice organized system.

Aolani Delorme

Administrative Coordinator, Volunteer Campbell River

“I always consider a good workshop as being something you attend and are able to take at least one thing home that you can work with straight away … well after attending Garland’s Time Management Workshop I came home with so many things that I could immediately implement not only into my business life but also my personal life.  Thank you Garland you have given me back “me-time” and so many useful tools and strategies I can use.”

CC Duncan

Behaviour Management Consultant , 4Children

“I’ve taken many online courses but few deliver the kind of content this one does. Step by step, easy to grasp and loaded with lots of creative tips. This course gave me information that I knew I needed to know but didn’t know where to find. A great value, the knowledge you will receive will benefit all your online marketing projects.”

Diana Frajman

Owner, Crone Confidence

“WOW! Garland REALLY knows his stuff. He’s extremely pleasant to work with and knowledgeable. There is no better combination and there is no better instructor on this topic. I highly recommend!”

Dave Lopez

Principal Engineer & Owner, David A. Lopez Mixing, Mastering and Audio finishing

“Thanks for your transformation of my work experience.”

Toshi Shibano

President, Executive Financial Literacy

“Garland your workshop was energizing. The software ideas were practical and the focused power hour grabbed my attention. You hooked me into thinking about working differently.”

Dawn Wilkinson

Community Services Manager, Kelowna Community Resources

Jesse Forrest
Copywriter and Marketing Strategist, Copywriting Crew

“ If you ever have a chance to go to a workshop put on by Garland Coulson I would highly recommend that you do so!”

Danielle MacAulay

“If Garland’s course has taught me anything, it’s the incredible value of the Power Hour. I am getting more accomplished and I am more focussed since learning this technique. I also find the regular online coaching sessions very helpful because Garland brings up sites for us to look at. I find the visual coaching much more helpful than just being told what to do. My knowledge is increasing daily with Garland’s mentoring.”

Suzanne Anderson

The Self Publishing Expert

“Garland is truly extraordinary! Five stars doesn’t even touch on the high level of service and support you will receive from Garland. Will certainly use his services again in the future. He is quick, concise, innovative and has excellent communication skills, all the things that make a job successful!”

Nicole Masters

Integrity Soils

“Your presentation was one of the best I have attended in a long time. Thank you for that. It was informative, well presented, had a wonderful thread of humour laced with clear achievable goals for individuals with just WAY too much clutter and chaos on their plate.”

Joan Carson

President, Abbeyfield House Comox Valley

“Garland gives a great presentation with practical ideas to put into place right away. his ideas are clear, well thought out and organized. He practices what he preaches. He also has a great sense of humour.”

Jacquie Gordon

“Lots of great information from Garland and I am already putting it to use. Garland and Terry make a great team and I appreciate the combination of knowledge and caring that they bring to these meetings.”

Jack Marriott

Universal College of Reflexology

Chat with Garland for a few minutes and you’ll be making statements like, “What a great idea!” and “Now I get it!” He is the e-business Buddha!

Murray Fuhrer

Extreme Esteem Workshops

“Garland…after having attended two of your VERY INFORMATIVE, easy to understand, fun and thought-provoking e-business meetings, I come away inspired. Your easy manner, thorough knowledge and confidence make your skillful critiques insightful…You are an excellent mentor and speaker!”

Lucy Taylor

Phoenix Holistic Healing

“I love getting your newsletter, I have been subscribed since I first saw you speak at a volunteer conference, and have enjoyed and used the tips you’ve provided over the years.”

I was especially moved by your passion to help people, and I think that is a wonderful way to work towards a more joyful life. Thanks for being an inspiration to me.'”

Genevieve Thompson

Office Administrator, Stroke Recovery Association of British Columbia

“Garland provided me with outstanding advice on how to market my video productions in an online environment and his detailed knowledge and enthusiasm about marketing strategies have proven to be very effective! Thanks Garland for your support and mentorship!”

Dr. Guy Prouty

Videographer & Personal Historian, Legacy Family Films

“Garland Coulson has helped me transform AND fall back in love with my business! He’s an excellent Internet marketing coach and a non-stop source of useful information for any online business owner. Plus, when he’s not showing me how to take advantage of cutting-edge Internet marketing strategies, he’s teaching me effective time management. What more could you want?

Annie Dennison


“Garland has a great deal to offer any person involved with or interested in the e-Commerce world. His easy-going, friendly personality does not mask his expertise and competence under fire.

Wolf Halton

“Garland is an incredible resource for anyone needing advice on anything eBusiness-related. His frequent and insightful contributions to the I-Sales discussion list demonstrate his ability to guide you through the ever-changing eBusiness marketplace. If you want to know where to start, what to improve, or what to do next in your eBusiness initiatives, call Garland. You won’t be disappointed.”

Dave Cadoff

“My experience with Garland is that he can work with computer neophytes to those with Degree in Computing Science and have them all increasing their income.”

Claressa Ellinger

Millbourne Massage & Wholistic Health

“Both these courses were excellent!!! I definitely felt I received my money’s worth from them. You have a great teaching style that is easy to follow and understand.”

Leanne Howard

Program Assistant – Human Resources, Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development

“I came out of both seminars bubbling over with new ideas to improve my website. I would highly recommend Garland’s seminars to anyone who is interested in driving more traffic to their website.”

Shanon Hamilton

“I’ve taken workshops on E-marketing in the US and paid more money to go and they paled in comparison.”

Monique Sauve

“He is a wealth of information that would take me years to unearth on my own.”

Nelda Shulte

“Thank you for the notes and the GREAT class! I have been making my ‘to do’ list every morning (or evening before) and working on the ‘power hour’ concept. Love your time saving tips! Such a benefit to both me personally as well as our organization!”

Therese Schwab

Executive Director, Comox Valley Exhibition

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