Networking For Non-Profits

Networking for Non-Profits WorkshopNon-profits run on people. It is people who run your organization, deliver it’s programs, volunteer and donate. “Networking for Non-Profits” will show you how to find and build lifelong relationships with the people your non-profit needs to be successful.

During the workshop, Garland Coulson  “Captain Time” will cover how to use networking for non-profits to:

  • Build relationships with donors
  • Connect with funders
  • Find volunteers
  • Attract the right board members
  • Search for and hire new employees
  • Find suppliers
  • Find potential strategic partnerships

We will also show you how to:

  • Find and use networking groups successfully
  • Network using your hobbies and passions

Why is Networking For Non-Profits Important?

Here are some reasons why networking is a critical tool for non-profits:

  1. Larger Donations: Donors give more money when they have strong relationships with people in the organization.
  2. Better Board Members: Relationships help you attract board members with the skills your organization needs.
  3. Hire Better Employees – Faster: With a large network of people, you have a higher possibility that you or one of your team already has the right person in their circle.
  4. Better Fundraising: Connect with funders to improve your chances of your project being funded. Get your network to help you with fundraising campaigns.
  5. Get The Services and Products You Need: Strong relationships can provide you with better products and services you need to run your non-profit and deliver programs at a lower cost.


To book this session for your group, either in person or via webinar, contact us.



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