If you need a virtual assistant, why not steal mine? :)

For years, I have looked for good virtual assistants and provided them with additional training so that they would have a major impact on my business and save me time and money.

And it worked! Just one problem…

While coaching my time management clients, I would often recommend they use a virtual assistant to help them in their work. They would get excited at the possibility and ask me the deadly next question:

“Do you know a good virtual assistant I could hire?”

Well, I usually was working with a good virtual assistant so I might introduce them to my client. This would happen with multiple clients and I would eventually find my VA’s time was so taken up, they had no time for me! So I was back to hiring and training a new virtual assistant.

This led to a germ of an idea. What if I trained more virtual assistants and supported them through their client projects? The VAs would have a mentor who they could turn to when they might have some difficulty with a task. The clients would get more highly trained and tested VA’s and know that I was also helping on the project so it was being supervised by someone they could trust.

If you have been wanting a virtual assistant but weren’t sure how to find a good one or how to go about working with one, this would be a great way for you to get help. Just follow this link or click on the button below to find out more and we can connect and talk about your project.