Looking for a good notes app or program? I have been testing MyMind for a few weeks now. Here is my MyMind review to see if this might be the right notes app for you.

What is MyMind?

MyMind is a new way of taking notes by typing them in or by clipping notes online. The notes you take are added to a grid pattern. This looks like an intriguing tool for notes, but what is the benefit? How does it differ from other note-taking programs?


mymind review screenshot

Web Clipping with MyMind

Web clipping is very easy with MyMind. I just added the Chrome extension to my browser, and click on the plus button to clip. While doing this, I am given the option to add more tags, but MyMind will automatically add tags for me. For this purpose of this MyMind review, here is a screenshot of me clipping a local seafood restaurant. (example in video is different so look at that as well.

mymind review - web clipping

AI Note Tagging

When you clip web content into MyMind, the system will automatically add tags to the note. You can also add notes manually. When you go back to MyMind, it shows all your notes in a grid, but there is no context.

MyMind Search

The context comes when you search. When you start typing in a keyword, MyMind gives you very fast search results. When I type in “sea” (short for seafood), you can see that MyMind quickly finds the local seafood website I clipped. When I type in “edm” start of Edmonton, the site shows up in that search as well. So MyMind has correctly been able to find my content without me adding tags. 

mymind search

Manual Notes

MyMind also makes it easy to add manually typed notes. You can use markdown language to format your notes. I am not a big markdown user, but it is a good option to have. Once again, you can add your own tags, but MyMind will search all the text automatically.

mymind manual notes


You can click on the shortcuts button on the lower left or the flashing keyboard under the looking glass in the upper right. This calls up a shortcuts window to show you the shortcut options available 

mymind shortcuts

MyMind Review – Pricing

Pricing on MyMind is $5.99 per month for basic. The Mastermind level at $9.99 per month promises more advanced AI, image recognition, color search, and a more advanced search.

MyMind Review Pros

Here are the things I liked about MyMind:

  • uses markdown language
  • automatic tagging (dump and forget). With other solutions I used to spend a lot of time playing with tag infrastructure
  • very fast search
  • private, no ads
  • no structure

MyMind Cons

  • no WSYWIG formatting – markdown is ok, but I am not an experienced user of markdown and prefer standard formatting like in OneNote
  • no Android mobile app (can use the web version)
  • no social sharing
  • harder to clip things behind login walls
  • no structure 

MyMind Review Summary

If you are a fan of AI and willing to resist organizing your notes, this might be the tool for you! If you are a student, I would recommend Remnote instead because it lets you create your own flashcards for testing your knowledge.

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