Why Multitasking DOESN’T Work – And What To Do About It

multitasking trainingMultitasking. In our increasingly busier, faster world, isn’t multitasking a critical skill? Or is multitasking just another word for “inability to focus on the task at hand?”

Think about the world’s top performers in most fields. Your favourite hockey player doesn’t answer his cell phone while on a breakaway. A symphony cellist doesn’t check her email while she is playing a concert. The world’s top performers give those amazing performances by great focus.

In this session, “Captain Time” Garland Coulson will show you why multitasking doesn’t work and how to “tame the multitasking monster” to get more done.

Learn How To STOP Multitasking For Greater Success

Garland will show you how to stop multitasking to:

  • reduce errors
  • gain more focus
  • minimize distractions
  • get more done

Garland offers practical, PROVEN techniques that anyone can use to get greater success in their career or personal life.

Start Treating Time As Important As Money

Most companies have a Chief Financial Officer to look after money issues, but almost none have a “Chief Time Management Officer.” Call or email Garland today to get started on reclaiming your most valuable resource – time!


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