FREE Meeting Cost Calculator

Most meeting costs are much higher than we realize. Use our free meeting cost calculator to get an idea of how much your meetings are costing you in both time and money.

To make the calculations, you just enter your # of employees, average salary, the average length of meetings, meeting prep time, and # of meetings per week. The free meeting cost calculator does the rest. If you have suggestions on how to make this calculator better, contact me.

Want to help your team make meetings more effective, efficient, and productive and cut down on the meeting costs you calculated?

Our Team Meeting Pro Tips team session is a highly participatory online workshop that teaches participants how to plan, lead and participate in more productive and energetic meetings. Your employees will learn how to take ownership of the meetings they participate in as well as become more confident leading their own meetings.

Book your Team Meeting Pro Tips workshop today.

You can also download our Free Meeting Success Checklist – a checklist to make sure every meeting is successful.


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