Meeting Success Checklist

Are your meetings dragging on endlessly with little or no actionable items coming out of them? Download our FREE meeting success checklist to help you plan, set up, and run more engaging, action-oriented meetings.

Want training for yourself or your team on running better meetings? Check out our meeting training offerings below:


  • Team Meeting Pro Tips Live Online Workshop – Taught by “Captain Time” this is a one-hour highly focused session. In just one hour, you’ll learn how to improve engagement, stop time-wasting meetings, and come out of your meetings with action plans. Includes access to the Running Effective Meetings online course and meeting agenda templates.
  • Running Effective Meetings Online Course – Difficulty getting everyone together for a live session? Want to learn on your own time? Our Running Effective Meetings online course is a great way to learn and lets you refresh your memory on how to run great meetings whenever you want.

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