As a productivity “expert,” I test a lot of tools. So many people are curious as to which tools I keep and use personally every day to boost my productivity. Here is my MailerLite Review – the email marketing tool I use every day not only for myself but for my customers.

What is MailerLite?

MailerLite is a simple yet powerful email marketing tool that you can use to build your email list, send emails to your subscribers, track their engagement and automate your marketing.

Isn’t Email Dead?

You may have heard that email is dead.

I heard it so many times, I wrote an article called “Email is Dead?” (which you can read here).

The truth is that, while social media and other technologies are very popular, people still check their email every day, and email marketing is proven to have higher click-through rates and conversions than social media.

So, far from being dead, email marketing is perhaps THE most powerful marketing tool you have available and email marketing is very affordable.

MailerLite Review: How Is It Used?

MailerLite is a great tool for building your business, but it can be hard to know where to start. Here are some of the ways you can use MailerLite to build your business:

  1. List Building: MailerLite gives you lovely subscriber signup form templates that you can use to have people sign up for your list. This might be a subscription to your newsletter, or providing a free download of a useful guide, ebook, online course, tool, checklist, video, or audio training. Here is an example of a free download on my site, my “Reducing Distractions” video that I use to attract new subscribers to my list every week.

  2. Subscriber Management: I never have to manually add or remove people from my email list because MailerLite provides easy signup forms and unsubscribe links so that people can add themselves to my list or unsubscribe themselves. This saves me a lot of time.
  3. Email Campaign Broadcasting: Once you’ve got your list of super-fans, you can keep in touch with them by sending them emails. With MailerLite, it’s easy to create email campaigns with their drag-and-drop interface that lets you add images, videos, text, and call-to-action buttons.

    Then schedule them to go out automatically while you’re sipping Piña Coladas on the beach!

  4. Subscriber Segmentation and Multiple Lists: MailerLite makes it easy to segment your subscribers based on their interests and past engagement with your content. For example, I have a free community brainstorming group. I can send out information about upcoming brainstorming events just to the interested people without having to send it out to my entire list.

    Similarly, if I am offering a webinar, I can send the Zoom webinar link just to the people who signed up for the webinar.

    If I am running a local event, like my local Spruce Grove Stargazers group, I can send it out to the local people on my list.

  5. Automation: You know what’s the best thing about MailerLite? It saves me time.

    Like, a lot of time. And when you’re running a business, every minute counts.

    That’s why I’m so excited to tell you about one of my favorite features: automation!

    With automation, you can set up a series of emails to automatically go out when people join a list or request information. This is great for delivering content, calls to action, course modules, micro-content, and more.

    I send out thousands of these automatic emails every month, and they have a major impact on my engagement levels and sales.

  6. Tracking: I always tell people, “Don’t spend a dime on online advertising UNTIL you have a system in place to track the results.”

    It is critical that you can track the results of your marketing so you can see what works and what content is the most compelling for your subscribers.

    MailerLite has built-in tracking to track new subscribers, open rates, and click-through rates.

    You can also team MailerLite up with Google Analytics to track CPL (cost per lead) and ROI (return on investment). You can also run split-testing campaigns where you send out multiple variations of the content to see which does a better job converting.

  7. Integrations: The days where each piece of software stood along and did its own thing are long over. In today’s busy and connected world, software has to be able to communicate with other tools and apps and be a part of your entire productivity ecosystem.

    Here are a few of the ways I integrate MailerLite with my other systems:

    – I integrate MailerLite with my WordPress site to have people sign up for my online courses, free tools, list builders, and webinars

    -Subscribers to my Bizmentum online business community are automatically added to the Bizmentum email group in MailerLite

    MailerLite has 134 integrations, including Zapier. And Zapier also connects to over 5,000 apps, so chances are you will be able to integrate MailerLite with your other marketing and productivity tools.

  8. Support: Support is a huge deal for me when I’m looking for a new software tool.

    I’m not saying that other people don’t care about support—of course they do!—but it’s especially important when you’re recommending software to other people. Some of my clients have less experience with tech than I do, so it’s important that their support be stellar in order to ensure they can get the most out of their new tool.

    And while I am pretty tech-savvy myself, I always want to make sure my clients are getting the best experience possible.

    In the time I have been using MailerLite, I have found them to be very responsive, usually answering in a few hours and they take the time to fully answer most of my questions, unlike some other support departments who just send me a quick link to a help page article but haven’t fully read my questions to see that I have already tried the solutions suggested in that page.

  9. Pricing: I’m a small business owner, and I know how important it is to get the most bang for your buck.

    That’s why I love MailerLite! It’s got all the bells and whistles of other email marketing platforms without taking a big bite out of your budget.

    Here’s how it breaks down:

    If you’re just starting out, MailerLite is FREE with up to 1,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month. This means that you can try it for free and use it for free until your list grows past 1,000.

    In my experience, MailerLite is also much more affordable than other commonly used competitors.

Here is a comparison of pricing plans showing the monthly cost.

  • 2,500 subscribers – MailerLite: $17/month, MailChimp: $34/mo ConvertKit: $41/mo
  • 10,000 subscribers – MailerLite: $54/month, MailChimp: $115/mo ConvertKit: $100/mo
  • 25,000 subscribers – MailerLite: 139/month, MailChimp: $259/mo ConvertKit: $166/mo

This makes MailerLite a very affordable choice for small businesses email marketing solutions.

MailerLite Review Conclusion

I’m a big fan of MailerLite.

I use it for everything from list building to marketing automation to webinar promotion and more. And I’m not alone: I’ve managed campaigns and provided training on MailerLite for several clients.

I love how easy it is to use, and how much control you have over your campaigns. If you’re looking for a tool that will help you send great emails and automate your marketing efforts, then this might be the one for you!

Go ahead and follow this link to get started with your free trial today!

Please also check out our MailerLite Training options.