Non-Profit Success Is All About People Connections…

LinkedIn For FundraisingIt is people who make a non-profit a success. People like staff, managers, board members, donors, suppliers, volunteers and others.

But how do you find these people and connect with them?

LinkedIn is THE social media network for professionals, academic, non-profit and business people connections.

Social media has proven to be powerful for non-profits to get the word out, but the focus of most of these sites is social and it doesn’t attract busy business people who are often your best donors.

Unlike Facebook & Twitter, where people go to socialize,LinkedIn attracts over 200 million business professionals actively seeking connections.

This makes LinkedIn a great way for non-profit organizations to find and build relationships with prospective donors, board members, volunteers and staff.

LinkedIn members have a higher average net worth than other social media sites. LinkedIn is also a powerful way to reach “influencers” and “mavens” – people who have a large circle of influence and can bring larger groups to your cause or fundraiser.

But HOW do you use LinkedIn to reach and build relationships with these powerful people?

In this LinkedIn For Fundraising For Non-Profits workshop, Garland Coulson – “The EBusiness Tutor” will show you:

  • How to make your LinkedIn profile stand out
  • How to be found in LinkedIn searches
  • How to increase your network on LinkedIn
  • How to use LinkedIn for fundraising and building donor databases and relationships
  • How to use LinkedIn to find staff, board members and volunteers
  • How to find “influencers” who can reach many others on your behalf

These techniques will work for both free and pro LinkedIn users.

Whether you are new to LinkedIn or or your LinkedIn account isn’t working for you, Garland will show you how LinkedIn can be one of your most powerful fundraising tools!

To book this session for your group, either in person or via webinar, contact us by filling out the form below:

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