Turn YouTube Videos Into Blog Posts

In this video, I’m going to talk about how to very quickly turn YouTube videos into blog posts or articles.

My main focus for new content for YouTube.

The reason for this is YouTube is a huge audience and people love to go and search for how-to videos on things. YouTube is a great way to be able to connect with people and create content and YouTube videos can be created quickly.

But, in addition to the YouTube audience, I also want some search engine optimization benefit from my content. For this, I need text that could be on a website or a blog that Google can index.

So what I do is I start by making the video then I just turn YouTube videos into blog posts.

In the video above, I show you the technique. I start by going to the YouTube video on my Time Tips YouTube channel and I just grab the share URL and copy it. Then I go to a website called DIY Captions then I just paste the video URL into the form on the site.

Several minutes later, the website takes the audio of the video and it turns it into text. The text isn’t formatted well yet – it is just a wall of text.

Turn YouTube Videos into Blog Posts

At this point I just copy the wall of text. Then I go to my WordPress blog and I create a new post and then just paste the text in as plain text. Now the wall of text is in my blog post.

I can also just copy the video URL again and paste it at the top of the article to embed the video at the top of the article as well.

Now the wall of text doesn’t look great so it needs to be edited by starting to add things like capitalization, paragraphs and the right punctuation.

Remember the transcription text from YouTube isn’t perfect – there are going to be mistakes. So you want to read it over and correct it. But this is much faster than writing the articles from scratch.

So this is my technique to quickly and easily turn YouTube videos into blog posts. You can also pass this conversion work out to a virtual assistant if you don’t want to do it yourself which is a great idea.

If you’re in need of a virtual assistant let me know I’m creating a virtual assistants service to help people connect with tested and proven virtual assistants.

– Garland “Captain Time”

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