Time Management Myths that Cripple Your Productivity

Let’s explore some of the time management myths we cling to that cripple our productivity.

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#1: I Work Better Under Pressure #

People often say “I work better under pressure.” But You only THINK you work better under pressure. The pressure of the upcoming deadline finally forces you to start on the project. But, by waiting until the last minute to start the project, you lose:

  • The ability to research projects more fully
  • Your mental backburner working on the project while you do other things
  • The opportunity to make corrections and add new material that comes up over time
  • Your supervisor’s confidence in you when the work is shoddy and submitted at the last minute

#2. I Need to Multitask #

Multitasking doesn’t work, we can fully focus on only one thing at a time. Jumping from task to task breaks our deep focus, so we work at only a fraction of our brainpower.

#3. Open Office is Better #

Open Office Was Supposed To

  • Increase collaboration
  • Increase synergy
  • Improve teamwork

Instead, studies found that open offices

  • Increased interruptions
  • Increased distractions
  • Reduced focus
  • Reduced performance

#4. We Need to Hold Informational Meetings #

Meetings should have a purpose. Meetings should solve problems, build consensus and create action plans. Meetings should not be scheduled just to inform and update everyone unless it is for major changes. Information can easily be distributed by email or other methods, saving on the number of meetings you need to have.

#5. We Should Assign and Update Tasks via Email #

See my previous article on why you should Stop Delegating Tasks by Email.  Instead of email, try assigning and updating tasks via your task management system.

#6. Need To Work in an Office #

One thing the Covid-19 pandemic has shown is that most people are quite capable of working from home and can still be productive while out of the office.

#7. I Can Catch Up By Working Late #

When you work late, you might seem to be catching up for a day or two, but then you have exhausted your energy reserves and start working more slowly. Working late doesn’t work.

#8. I Will Remember Important Tasks #

Ever find yourself saying “I have to remember to do this” over and over and then forgetting what you were trying to remember? It happens to all of us. Memory is very unreliable for remembering critical tasks, This is why you need a good quality task management system.

#9. I Don’t Have Time to Plan my Work #

You come into work and you have so much work to do that you just dive right in. No time to plan! But every 20 minutes of planning can save you 2-3 hours of working time because you have your priorities in place, can analyze tasks to remove some and delegate others and you work much more efficiently.

#10. I Don’t Have Time To Do All My Work #

You might truly be overworked, but most of my clients find that they can double or triple their productivity when they work with me. So they still work the same or fewer hours, but get all their work done. This happens by working smarter, not harder.

More Time Management Help #

For more time management help check out my online courses and coaching program.

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