Teamworkpm Review

As a time management speaker, my time management tools are critical to my success and I am really picky about getting the best time management tools I can. I searched for weeks for the right task management system for me.  The winner? TeamworkPM. Here is my Teamworkpm review and some tips on how I use it so you can assess if it is the right system for you.

While testing the various task management systems, I didn’t just try them, instead I actually broke up my projects into 2-3  groups and worked FULLY in each of the task management systems for a week or two. This quickly determined which ones worked best for me. I compared to Asana, Basecamp, Outlook, Trello, 5PM, Any Do, Liquid Planner, Nozbe, Producteev, Teambox, Trello, ToodleDo, Zoho and many others during my testing.

TeamworkPM won based on criteria such as:

  • drag and drop task prioritizing
  • ability to email tasks to outside freelancers not within my Teamwork system
  • ability to filter tasks by a wide range of factors
  • time tracking
  • support responsiveness
  • task list template capability
  • pricing

Click on the link to see my video TeamworkPM review.

If you are interested in training or want further demonstrations to see how TeamworkPM can fit the special needs or your organization, contact me.

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