Should I Go Into Work Early

When you get behind at work, you often stay late to finish. At some point, you might wonder whether it could also be a good idea to come in early. Lets look at the pluses and minuses when you go into work early.

Work Early Benefits #

  • Office is usually quieter with fewer people
  • You may be at your freshest and highest energy levels
  • So a good time to work on difficult projects

Early Drawbacks #

  • If you still have to work late, you risk burnout
  • If you come in early and leave early, others may think you are not doing a full day of work
  • Upset household morning schedules (getting kids to school, etc.)
  • If your manager comes in early as well, you are the only one for them to talk or delegate to – defeating the purpose of why you go to work early and potentially increasing your workload

Early vs Work Late #

  • If you won’t be penalized for working early instead of late, it can be a better use of your energy and reduce distractions if others work late instead of early

Which To Choose? #

There is no one right answer here, but here are some reasons to choose to work early.
  • If your energy levels are higher in the morning than later in the day
  • No one else is in the office early so you can focus
  • You will not be penalized for going home early
  • Your household morning schedule can adapt to the change

What Does “Captain Time” Do Personally? #

I work early and leave early, except when I have the occasional coaching call or late meeting (most fit into my adapted early schedule just fine).
I enjoy the quiet and focus I get first thing in the morning and my energy levels and focus levels are at my highest in the morning. So I am trading some additional high focus time for some tired and dragging time later in the day.

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