Reddit Marketing: A Beginners Guide

In this video and article, “Captain Time” shares his beginner Reddit marketing techniques.

What is Reddit? #

Reddit is an online community platform where members can join online discussions or create their own topic area called a subreddit.

Reddit is extremely popular with an estimated 1.7 billion visitors monthly. Similarweb lists Reddit as the 21st most visited site in the world and the 12th most visited site in the US.

Reddit vs Other Online Communities #

We all love the Internet. And we love our online communities.

There used to be lots of great online communities to connect with. Sadly online communities like LinkedIn Groups have become full of spam and many other online communities have vanished or have limited engagement.

The largest two community platforms left that seem to have good quality moderation and discussions are Facebook Groups and Reddit.

Reddit Marketing Strategies #

Reddit is one of the world’s largest social media platforms, with more than 1.7 billion monthly visitors.

Reddit is a powerful marketing tool because it pulls people together into interest communities, called subreddits. These subreddits can have thousands of members or even tens of thousands of members in your target audience—all concentrated in one place.

So, Reddit has done a lot of the work of assembling your target audience for you! A single well-thought-out post or comment by you can reach thousands of people in your target audience in just a few days or even hours.

So how do you market on Reddit? What use is Reddit to your organization?

Here are some of the ways I use Reddit.

  • Research
  • Target audience surveys
  • Finding prospect’s pain points
  • Lead generation
  • Content marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Tool reviews
  • Brainstorming ideas

Your Reddit Profile: Gateway To Your Brand #

The first step is to start with a great profile. Every post and comment you make includes a link to your profile that people can click on to find out more about you. So you want to ensure when people click on your profile link, that you have interesting content and links to how they can connect with you further.

Your profile should be an extension of your brand identity—not a generic template with stock photos and bland copy. Instead, use it as an opportunity to tell people why they should care about your business and what sets it apart from others in the same field.

Set Your Purpose #

Set your purpose before engaging on Reddit. As with any task, if you set a goal or purpose, you are more likely to achieve it.

For example, you might want to do market research on a new product or service you are thinking of offering. Or you might want to generate leads for an existing product or service. Or maybe you are looking for a tool to solve a problem you are having.

Find Your Communities #

Now that you know your purposes and goals in Reddit Marketing, choose the first purpose and start looking for communities related to this topic.

Enter the keywords for your topic in the search bar at the top of the Reddit website. This search will show you Posts, Comments, Communities, and People results. Click on the Communities tab to find subreddits relating to your keywords.

Click on a community name from among these results. The community page will load with information about its subscribers and administrators, along with rules and other important details. Look for communities with a high number of subscribers and an active posting feed.

If you like what you see there, click Join in order to join that community.

Review the Rules #

But before diving in and posting something, make sure you read the rules—you don’t want to break them and get banned before you even get started!

Each subreddit has its own rules, so make sure you read them carefully before posting or commenting in a subreddit so you don’t break the rules and get banned.

Building Karma #

Many subreddits limit what you can do until you build ‘karma.’ You earn karma on Reddit by adding comments and creating posts that others find useful and upvote.

You can see your karma number by looking at your profile picture on the upper right hand side of the screen.

The best way to start building your karma is to comment on posts and add value without promoting your business in the beginning. Participating in subreddits where you have non-business related interests is also a great way to build karma. I participate in subreddits like Cooking and SciFi books. Nothing to do with my business but my posting and commenting in these areas build karma quickly without any feeling like I am trying to sell something.

This will create enough karma to post more freely.

Asking Questions – A Powerful Tool #

Asking questions in my online business networks like Reddit and Bizmentum is my secret weapon!

Here is how I use questions not only for marketing, but also for saving me time.

  1. Collective Wisdom: I love to tap the collective wisdom of online communities. Whether I am looking for a better software tool, new marketing channels, or brainstorming a new product idea, I can get dozens of talented, creative people helping me with a single 1-minute post on Reddit. This saves me hours of research and makes me look like a hero to my clients. (I do give back to this community by helping others with their questions)
  2. Market Research: Reddit is great for market research because you can just ask people in a certain target audience what they are struggling with and what they would like to see as a solution.

Answering Questions #

I monitor the subreddits that my target audience hangs out in to see what questions I can answer. When I answer the questions, I make sure I provide value and then link to a video or article I created that provides further help. My reply to a question might be seen by hundreds or thousands of community members.

Reddit and SEO #

Reddit can also assist you with your search engine optimization when you link your YouTube videos or articles with the keyword as an anchor in your Reddit post or reply.

Reddit Marketing Summary #

Reddit is a great low-cost way to attract clients. If you have no time to create and manage your Reddit marketing campaign, contact us to have one of our virtual assistants do your Reddit marketing for you.

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