Productivity Walk: Lunch Walk Transforms Your Day

For years I’ve had the habit of taking a 20 to 30-minute walk during my lunch break – I call it my “Productivity Walk.”

This habit has had a huge Improvement to my productivity. Here are some reasons why a productivity walk at lunch has had such a huge impact for me.

  1. Eat Lighter – I tend to eat lighter because I know I have to finish my lunch quickly to have take my walk. So instead of going out and ordering the big burger platter, I tend to have a quick soup and a sandwich I brought from home.
  2. No One Can Find Me – Another reason why I find it useful to be out for lunch is that people can’t find me. No phone calls, no co-workers, no clients and no boss to give me more work. If I was in the office many people would find me and probably give me more work.
  3. Change of Perspective – I also find that I seem to gain a better perspective by being out of the office during my lunch break. A problem I might have been beating my head against the wall about all morning suddenly has a solution presented when I stop thinking about it and get outside for a bit. My back burner is great at finding solutions this way when I give it a chance to work.
  4. Health and Fitness – A 20 minute walk a day is also my bare minimum commitment to my health and fitness. I do other things for fitness such as cycling, badminton and other activities but this 20-minute commitment make sure that I get a bare minimum amount of exercise everyday, even if I do nothing the rest of the day.
  5. More Energy and Focus – Exercising seems to create more energy as well. By walking everyday I have more energy. It used to be when I got back to the office after a big lunch, I would just want a nap. Now, when I come back to lunch I’m energized and I have energy levels close to the same peak energy I would have first thing in the morning.

I hope you will consider setting up productivity walks at lunch for yourself. Please like and subscribe to my YouTube channel I using this link and also in the comment section leave me a note as to what kinds of videos you would like me to create in future.

Walk on! – Garland “Captain Time”

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