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Having trouble keeping meetings on track? Do you have everything ready for the meeting or have you missed something? Whenever I plan any type of meeting, I always start with a meeting checklist.

A meeting checklist makes sure I don’t miss critical steps, like sending out the agenda or having all the reports ready. When I use a checklist, I always know everything is taken care of before a meeting.

I have put together some meeting checklists to help you plan and execute your meetings.

I have created two different graphic versions of the meeting checklists plus an Airtable  version you can save and reuse. Click on the graphic versions to see the largest versions, then right click to download them,

Graphic Meeting Checklist #1 #

Meeting Checklist from Captain Time

Graphic Meeting Checklist #2 #

meeting checklist 2 from

AirTable Meeting Checklist #

Here is the link to the Airtable Meeting Checklist.  Airtable is an intriguing tool that lets you create and share spreadsheets and databases online. You can save the meeting checklist base to your own free Airtable account and use it there, share it, print it, send it as email, or export it as .csv .

You can see how it looks below.

This is the most flexible version – you could even add another 10-25  or 100 items to your checklist to make it complete.

This version lets you easily tick off each item as you have completed it. You can add additional items to the Airtable meeting checklist to make it your own. Because this checklist can be shared, you can have multiple team members pulling together everything needed for the meeting. You can add comments and notes to each item as well, or link to documents and reports that are needed.

Not sure what the items on the checklist mean or how I use them? Just ask. 🙂

Want more help having more effective meetings?  Check out my Effective Meetings online course or contact me about meeting coaching.

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