How to Get Help for Anything

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Our work days can be frustrating. Computer glitches, software problems, and continually learning new skills. Usually, we work hard to fix everything ourselves because we forget how to ask for help. There is lots of help available if you know how to access it.

Lets explore how to get help for ANYTHING.

Support Desks #

How to get help with software? If you are struggling with software or technology issues, look for support desks provided by the technology and software developers.

This support is part of what you paid for when you purchased the software or tools, so you should take advantage of it.

These support desks will usually offer support like:

  • Support tickets
  • Live chat
  • Phone support

Support desks are usually a great first step to getting help.

In-House Support #

In addition to outside support desks, look for in-house support. This might include:

  • Your IT department
  • Your on-staff trainers
  • Human resources
  • Managers

Find out if any of these departments can assist with the training you need.

Your Social Network #

If you have been active online, you likely have people you have connected to on social networks like Facebook, Twitter,  or LinkedIn. Try tapping these networks when you need help.

When I was frustrated with my old web conferencing software, I asked my social network what they used and one of my network connections suggested software that worked much better than the old software at 20% of the price!

It took me about 30 seconds to post the question in my social media and I had several responses in a few hours. I could have spent days researching all the various ones.

Forums & Online Communities #

How to get help from peers?

People gather together online in forums and online communities. In these communities, you can get help from others who use the same software or share the same interests as you. There are social communities on business, software, health and almost any other interest you can think of.

People are incredibly helpful in most forums and I have fixed many problems by posting my problem in the relevant forum.

Libraries #

With all the online help, we often forget our local library. Your library has many books and magazines on topics like the one you need help with. Remember that the books you see in the library are only a fraction of what is available as most libraries are part of a larger library network  with additional books you can request.

I have new library books coming in every week from my regional library network and I find it an excellent resource.

YouTube #

How to get help from videos? YouTube has tons of “how-to” videos on almost any topic.

When I was gifted with a couple of sockeye salmon, I had NO idea how to clean the fish. I hadn’t cleaned a fish on over 25 years and never a salmon. YouTube came to the rescue with an excellent video I could watch on the topic. So I loaded the video on my tablet, took my tablet out to the picnic table and followed along with the video to clean the fish.

This made it a LOT easier.

YouTube has videos on most software and other tools you want to learn to use.

Online Research & Articles #

In addition to searching online for help, I also use these two tools:

  • Feedly – to create my own digital “newspaper” on topics and software I use. Feedly gives me daily new articles on topics I choose to focus on
  • Google Alerts – email notices on topics I want to follow

Online Courses #

There are a wealth of online courses out there on nearly every topic. Many are free or quite affordable. If you need help in the time management area, visit Garland’s online school to see what time management courses are available.

Experts #

Sometimes, you just need to talk to an expert on a topic.  Look for people who offer consulting, coaching and training in the areas where you need help.

My clients tell me that a time management coaching session with me can save them hours or even days of work, Look for the right expert and consult them as needed.

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– Garland Coulson, “Captain Time”

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