Friday Work: How to Stay Productive on Fridays

It’s Friday Work time – the only problem is that your brain is already “checked out” and in weekend mode.

So how do you stay productive during Friday Work when you still have to be in the office?

You’ve worked hard all week but now it’s Friday and in a few hours you’ll be free, but in the interim, you’re still stuck at work and you still have to get some work done.

Let’s talk about ways to be productive even on Friday.

One of the first tips that on Friday morning your energy levels are likely still fairly good. I know for myself, my energy levels are still decent on Friday morning. So put any work that really needs to get done before the weekend into Friday morning and work hard on it until lunch. This way you’re getting the most important things done and out of your way and hopefully Friday afternoon you can work at a more leisurely pace.

Throughout the week I keep track of tasks that are simple, easy, mindless or energizing and I tag these to work on during my low energy times. You can tag them Friday or you can tag them for Low Energy or you can just schedule them for the Friday afternoon block.

Some of the tasks for me that work on when I have low energy on Friday afternoons are things like coming up with new vlogging ideas, coming up with new article ideas or doing an outline for an upcoming workshop.  These are simple to do little planning things that don’t require the same level of thought as some of my other work. By designating them as “Friday Work” these critical work tasks get done but because they are easier, they don’t need that same level of focus and energy. This approach makes my afternoon go quicker so I’m not staring at the clock hoping you know the hand is finally going to get to the hour that I can leave.

if you have errands you need to run out of the office like things you need to pick up or equipment you need to research, Friday work afternoons is a good time to do these. Bonus if you can arrange it so your final errand stop is near quitting time and closer to home so you get home earlier.

Friday Work afternoons are also good for:

  • internet research
  • testing out new software
  • trying new things
  • researching in forums
  • watching training videos
  • filing

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– Garland Coulson “Captain Time”

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