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fiverr homeWhat is Fiverr and why is it one of the tools in “Captain Time’s” time management toolkit? Here is my Fiverr Review.

No, it isn’t a misspelling – it is really spelled “Fiverr.” Fiverr is a popular web site where people offer services they are willing to do for $5. Well, actually they end up with $4 because Fiverr takes a buck as their share.

What Can I Get Done On Fiverr? #

You can get almost anything done on Fiverr. There are categories for:

  • writing
  • drawing
  • graphic design
  • marketing
  • voiceovers
  • transcription
  • animation
  • video
  • advertising
  • music and much more

Examples of Real Fiverr “Gigs” #


fiverr video


fiverr writing


fiverr song

Why Is Fiverr So Cheap? #

Fiverr is cheap for these reasons:

  1. Geographic Advantages – many of the people on fiverr are from countries where $5 may be 2-3 hours of wages rather then 15 minutes of wages
  2. Efficiencies – some people are very fast at certain things
  3. Introductory offers – people offer a simple service at a $5 rate and then additional services for more gigs
  4. Add –ons/Upgrades – many gigs may have add-ons like 24 hour turnaround or extra work for an added price.

How Does Garland Use Fiverr? #

Cap_Time (348x450)Fiverr made Garland a superhero.

When I decided to launch my “Captain Time” web site, I decided I wanted to stand out. So I had a graphic artist on Fiverr draw my face on a superhero body, creating “Captain Time.”

For an extra $5 I had him create a logo at a high resolution so that I could print it on shirts and other items.

I have also used Fiverr for logo design, voiceovers and other simple tasks.

How Does Fiverr Save Time? #

Fiverr is an affordable one stop shop where you can find loads of workers to get simple tasks done quickly for a great rate.

When Shouldn’t I use Fiverr? #

Fiverr is less useful if you need ongoing work such as a virtual assistant who helps you every week with a range of tasks. Fiverr excels at one-offs. I do go back and use the same people sometimes for additional tasks, but if I wanted someone to work in my business over week, I would use sites like oDesk.

Get Outsourcing Help? #

Not sure how to outsource effectively?  You can pick up 2 hours of outsourcing coaching via this link.

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