Every Day You Are Killing Your Dream

Welcome fellow Time Travelers – in this video we are going to discuss why you are killing your dreams. Every day.

Let’s talk about your dreams – not your kid ones, but the secret ones you keep close to your heart, even as an adult.

Did you give your dreams a real chance? Did you feed your dream? Show it the light of day? Or did you slowly starve
your dream to death?

Have you explored your dreams? Have you worked on them? Do you spend time on your dream every day? If not, why not?

For many people, they tell me:

  • I don’t have time
  • I don’t have the money
  • I have family commitments

Let’s start with “I don’t have time.” You know you aren’t going to get away with that one when you are talking with Captain Time.
The average person spends 17 hours of screen time every day – that’s 44 years of the average life! If you spend 3 hours a day
on YouTube, Facebook, or Netflix, cutting that in half would give you 1.5 hours a day to do something amazing.

“I don’t have money” What do you need the money for? To take courses, start a business, or what?

You can take courses a bit at a time so you can save for them. There may be scholarships. And there are a lot of free courses online
you can use to gain the knowledge even if you don’t get a certificate or degree.

For starting businesses, many can be started for less than $100. And there are possible grants and investors you can look into as well.

“I have family commitments.” You can be more than just a mom or dad. You can free up time by having your children pitch in on chores,
getting your partner or other family members to take the kids out so you can focus, or by having a sitter or daycare watch them. If you
are a careiver, there are programs to give you a break as well.

No matter what your dream is, there are ways to get started and it’s never too late to start. Start by putting time on your daily calendar
for your dreams and keep this time sacred. If you want a tool for scheduling time to work on your dreams, check out the Day Optimizer tool from our sponsor. Use the code captain25 to receive 20% off.

If you would like someone to talk to about your dreams and guidance on how to achieve them, I’d be happy to help through my coaching program.
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Thanks for watching!

– Garland Coulson “Captain Time”

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