Email Marketing Automation

Savvy marketers know that building an email subscriber list is still one of the most powerful and cost effective methods of marketing. But how do you find time for email marketing? You can find time by automating most of it. Here are some ways that I handle email marketing automation.

Signups & List Building #

The first step to email marketing automation is to set up forms for people to sign up and join your list. To automate this, I use one of the leading email marketing automation systems, ConvertKit.

ConvertKit automates many aspects of signups and list building including:

  • newsletter signup forms
  • webinar signup forms
  • online course signup form integration

So, to build my list, I offer a combination of free online time management courses, webinars and other useful resources to attract people to sign up to receive email resources from me. The signup is double opt-in so I never have anyone on my list who can accuse me of spam.

Access to the course or webinar after signup is automatically sent by ConvertKit. ConvertKit also provides an unsubscribe link in each email and automatically unsubscribes people who no longer want to receive my resources.

Email Marketing Automation – Broadcasting #

I connected ConvertKit to the RSS feed on my web site. Now, when I have a new article on my blog like this one, ConvertKit automatically sends out the newest article to my list with NO additional work on my part.

Webinar Promotion #

When teaching a webinar, I use ConvertKit to create the signup form to embed in my web site and to automatically deliver reminders and access information to those who signed up.

Product Launch Email Marketing Sequence #

When launching a new product, I do a series of supporting articles and emails to inform my list, With ConvertKit, I can set these up well in advance so there are no delays. I could totally automate my launch to run while I was on a beach in Bermuda…

What About Mail Chimp? #

I used to use Mail Chimp, but ConvertKit lets me create the automations in a fraction of the time it used to take me in Mail Chimp. Mail Chimp is list-based so I used to have to do extensive work-arounds to have people sign up for a course or webinar and still also be in my main list. ConvertKit is subscriber-based so my subscribers can belong to as many sublists and webinar lists as I want without any difficulty.

I have saved a lot of time since I moved my email marketing to ConvertKit.

Curious about ConvertKit? Follow this link to find out more. Need help figuring out your email marketing automation? Contact me.

-Garland Coulson “Captain Time”

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