CopyAI Review – Can an AI Write Your Blog Posts and Sales Copy for You?

We are all waiting for Star Trek-level AI (Artificial Intelligence) to talk to us and come in and do our work for us.  While we aren’t at that level yet, is AI close to becoming useful for us? Can an AI help you write better? Here is my CopyAI review to find out.

What is Copywriting? #

Copywriting is writing that moves a reader along on the journey from mild interest to becoming a subscriber or paying customer. It is writing that converts or sells.
Copywriting is some of the most difficult writing out there. Many people who are great at writing articles struggle to write great sales copy. Copywriters command a higher price than article writers because it is a highly skilled profession.

My past experience with Copywriting Tools #

I have used tools to help with copywriting in the past, such as headline generators to generate headline ideas. But the headline generators I have used weren’t AI – they just simply put in the keywords I input and then came up with a bunch of headlines based on their templates.
The headline generators were somewhat useful, but often the headlines made no sense depending on the keywords so no “intelligence” there. Similarly, I have used other copywriting tools but for the most part, they were just templates where you filled in the blanks. Useful, but not actually generating copy.
So when it came time for my Copy.AI review, I was understandably skeptical based on my previous experience with these kinds of tools.

Enter CopyAI #

CopyAi has a suite of automated writing and productivity tools and promises that you can generate marketing copy in seconds. I create new content every week for my Time Tips YouTube channel and my blog, so I put wanted to put this to the test.

Sample Projects #

For this Copy.AI review, I wanted a real test – not just a soft quick tour that would make me think I should buy the software only to later fail when I make the software do the heavy lifting.
So I decided to turn Copy.AI loose on creating better descriptions and sales copy my employee training workshop topics. I have a wide range of workshop topics available, and I recently decided to expand my list to provide a full page for each workshop so human resources departments wanting to book me would better understand the value of the workshops and be more likely to buy.

First Impression: The CopyAI Interface #

The interface is very clean and intuitive with easy access to tutorials.
The tools and templates are located along the left and you can save your favorite tools.
Projects and tutorials show up in the center of your screen.

Working Within CopyAI #

When you create a project, you provide the system with some information like your product/article name and description and CopyAI generates multiple sample text.
You can then easily copy an entire text sample or just select partial text and copy it to the writing panel on the right side.
The copy suggestions were excellent, and I found it very seamless to quickly assemble your preferred text and then expand it.
Overall, it probably cut my writing time by 1/2 which is a huge time savings for me. The other benefit is that the ideas generated spark ideas for my own writing and even possible future articles.
I always find it harder to write for myself than my clients and CopyAI overcomes this “own stuff” writers block for me.

Beyond Copywriting #

In addition to copywriting, CopyAI has tools for:

  • product descriptions
  • advertising copy
  • website copy
  • blogging
  • email writing
  • social media message writing
  • sales copy
  • brainstorming
  • name generation and more
I was very impressed at the sheer number of tools and options that CopyAI provides for a wide range of writing needs. the name generator was great fun.

Pricing #

Of course, for those of us on a budget, pricing is critical. CopyAI offers two options for pricing.

  • Free – 10 credits each month with a bonus of 100 credits when you sign up. Each time a user presses “Create Copy” or “More like this,” they will use one credit.
  • Pro – Users that have a Pro plan have unlimited credits – $49/month or $420 Annually.

The free version is a great way to test the system and see if it works for you.

Copy.AI Pros #

Here are some things I loved about CopyAI.

  • Great tutorials
  • Lots of  templates
  • Many different writing tools
  • Improves your copy
  • Great for brainstorming
  • Free plan works well

Copy.AI Cons #

Here are a very few drawbacks of using CopyAI.

  • No search on the help and main site
  • Monthly Pro price can be expensive for small business owners

CopyAI Review Results #

Copy.AI totally blew me away with the quality of the copy suggestions and how easy it was for me to quickly assemble my writing projects.

And the wide range of tools gave me unusual new ways to use CopyAI. CopyAI is a great brainstorming and writing tool.

Does CopyAI replace a professional copywriter? #

The short answer is no. I still recommend you use a professional copywriter for your primary sales pages for your product. A professional copywriter brings years of experience and skills development to your project and their skills are important.
Where CopyAI shines is in the ability to provide copy help on a daily basis to small business owners who struggle with the huge number of writing tasks they have. Writing blogs, website pages, and social media messages. It would be extremely expensive to have ALL your writing done by a professional copywriter so CopyAI is a great bridge between your own copywriting skills and the projects you need a professional for.

Disclaimer #

I do make a small commission if you purchase CopyAI but that hasn’t affected my review of it. Copy.AI is a tool I use EVERY day so I am very excited to share it with you.  I appreciate you using my link to sign up as it helps fund more videos and articles like these.

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Too Busy to Write? #

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