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Each week, I receive numerous requests from individuals who are eager to have me test their productivity applications, include links to their websites, mention them in my videos or articles, or assist in promoting their offerings. To address these inquiries, I have created this Influencer Media Kit to showcase various collaboration opportunities and their respective pricing. To discover the recommended methods for partnering with me, simply click on the icons below or scroll down the page.

About “Captain Time”

Garland Coulson, fondly known as “Captain Time,” is a renowned author, speaker, influencer, and coach specializing in time management and productivity. He is the author of the Amazon best-selling book, “Stop Wasting Time.” With a prominent presence in his field, Garland has numerous productivity articles and videos that consistently rank at the top of Google and YouTube search results.

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Garland Coulson

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brainstorming groups

Join My Free Brainstorming Community

One of the best, free ways to work with me is to join my free Brainstorming.Social online business networking community. Brainstorming Social is a global community of creative people for brainstorming and problem-solving.

Within Brainstorming.Social, you can:

  • tap into our community’s collective wisdom
  • brainstorm with others in live sessions
  • brainstorm asynchronously in our online forums
  • connect with other members and services
  • access free online courses

We also consider brainstorming tool partnerships such as:

  • special offers for our free or paid membership levels
  • hosting a specialized group for you within our community
  • hosting online courses for you
  • sponsorships
Interview for Podcast or YouTube

Interview Garland

Interview me for your podcast, YouTube channel, or Facebook Live broadcast. This is a great way to create long term content for your channels and attract more subscribers.

I can be interviewed on a range of topics, including:

  • time management
  • productivity
  • entrepreneurship
  • digital marketing

This is a free method to work with me and I am willing to be interviewed even by smaller channels because I know how hard it is to build your following in the beginning.

Dedicated YouTube Video for your brand or product

Dedicated Brand or Product Videos

The next level beyond video sponsorship is a custom video dedicated to YOUR brand or product. With this level of collaboration, I create a custom video for the sole purpose of featuring your brand or product. Videos are generally 10-20 minutes long. These videos are uploaded to my YouTube channel and I also provide you with a copy you can use on your own social media and website.

These videos will be shown permanently on my YouTube channel, providing you with traffic for years to come.

I offer dedicated reviews where I do an honest review of your product or “how-to” videos where I demonstrate how people can use your tool for productivity. Please note that I am transparent to my viewers and do let them know when I am paid to review a product or create a product video.


After purchase, we will contact you within 2 business days for product information so we can get started on your dedicated product video.

If you have another suggested PAID collaboration method not outlined in this influencer media kit or questions about these collaboration methods, please fill out the form below. Do NOT ask me to put your articles on my site.

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