Overwhelmed by email? It’s not your fault.

Have you ever felt like the digital equivalent of those poor people on “Hoarders?”

We have all been there. Mailboxes are overflowing, and we’re getting overwhelmed by email. We’re dreaming of someday cleaning up all our email, but we know it will never happen.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by email, take heart. It’s not your fault. In fact, it’s not even close to your fault. Here’s why:

  1. Email is poorly designed: A newsletter or a joke forwarded from a co-worker shows up in the same place as that urgent message from your biggest customer.
  2. No Training: No one ever trained you in the best way to handle email. Most companies provide no training on how to prioritize, process, automate, and communicate clearly using email.
  3. Spammers: The constant barrage of spam attacks undermines every other kind of communication you have going on, so you start ignoring emails on purpose… and never get around to reading them altogether.

The combination of bad design, no training, and constant spam attacks makes many of us want to declare “email bankruptcy.” We dread opening our email inbox in the morning.

Inbox Zero Email Mastery Workshop

Knows his stuff

“WOW! Garland REALLY knows his stuff. He’s extremely pleasant to work with and knowledgeable. There is no better combination and there is no better instructor on this topic. I highly recommend!”

-Dave Lopez, Principal Engineer & Owner, David A. Lopez Mixing, Mastering and Audio Finishing

Transform my work experience

“Thanks for your transformation of my work experience.”

-Toshi Shibano, President, Executive Financial Literacy

Chat with Garland

Chat with Garland for a few minutes and you’ll be making statements like, “What a great idea!” and “Now I get it!” He is the e-business Buddha!

Murray Fuhrer, Extreme Esteem Workshops

5 stars

“Garland is truly extraordinary! Five stars doesn’t even touch on the high level of service and support you will receive from Garland. Will certainly use his services again in the future. He is quick, concise, innovative and has excellent communication skills, all the things that make a job successful!”

Nicole Masters. Integrity Soils

Inbox Zero Email Mastery Workshop Packages

You’re a busy person. You’ve got projects to manage, meetings to attend, and budget reports to crunch. How are you supposed to keep tabs on your email, too?

We get it—that’s why we came up with the Inbox Zero Email Mastery Workshop. In just one hour, you’ll learn how to:

  • Stop emails before they hit your inbox
  • Make sure priority emails get proper attention
  • Handle email replies in a fraction of the time
  • Get better results from every email you send

This workshop is for anyone who would like to take back control of their email inbox. Whether you’re an individual trying not to drown in a sea of emails or a business looking for ways to streamline and improve results, the Inbox Zero Email Mastery Workshop can help.


  • Up to 2 people
  • 1-hour of live online training
  • BONUS: Inbox Zero Email Mastery online course
  • BONUS: Inbox Zero Email Mastery Checklist


  • Up to 50 employees
  • 1-hour of live online training
    1 hour of training by a live instructor by Zoom or other web conferencing system
  • BONUS: Inbox Zero Email Mastery online course
  • BONUS: Inbox Zero Email Mastery Checklist

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