The Problem:

How do you take notes, capture ideas and create tasks when you are away from your computer?
There is NO way my poor brain is going to remember all these ideas afterwards. But how to capture all of them when I am away from my normal desk with my computer notes program and manual notebook?

The Solution:

Take voice notes that automatically convert to text on your smartphone, using the microphone icon on your Android keyboard. Watch this video for a voice to text notes demo.

The Benefits of Voice to Text Notes:

  • Works with any app –Β I use it with UpNote for notesΒ  –Β And ZenKit ToDo for tasks, but it will work with any smartphone app you would normally type into
  • The notes and tasks go right into the same systems I use every day at my desk (better than a small notebook where I would have to transfer the information later)
  • Can later be accessed by my computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone