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It’s Monday morning and you’re already BURIED in work. You are probably wondering:

  • How can I possibly get this all done?
  • What should I be working on first?
  • Why can’t I seem to catch up?

Insanity: Repeating The Same Thing & Expecting Different Results

You’ve tried working harder, you’ve tried working longer hours and it didn’t work. So now it is time to make a change that REALLY works.

“Captain Time” Shows How To Plan Your Week For Greater Focus

Time Management Trainer - Garland Coulson

“Captain Time” – Garland Coulson

Working without a plan is like jumping in your car and driving without choosing a destination. You rack up the miles but you aren’t getting to where you want to go. A weekly plan is YOUR road map to your success.

I’m Garland Coulson, aka “Captain Time.” I have helped hundreds of people transform their work week and get more done. In this “how to plan” training session, I’ll show you simple, yet powerful planning techniques to help you:

  • reduce stress
  • see all your projects, tasks and progress at a glance
  • make faster, more correct decisions

Imagine: Clarity & Focus

Imagine grabbing your coffee on Monday morning and sitting down at your desk and:

  • Being able to fully focus on important projects
  • Knowing what to work on next
  • Knowing everything is taken care of
  • Viewing your project dashboard showing everything on track
  • Finding tasks for the week laid out in priority order
  • Viewing updates from your staff and freelancers for each task you’ve assigned

“How To Plan” Works For Staff, Management and Business Owners

Whether you work for others, manage people or run your own business, you will find that my “How To Plan Your Work Week For Greater Focus” workshop will transform how you work.

“If Garland’s course has taught me anything, it’s the incredible value of the Power Hour. I am getting more accomplished and I am more focused since learning this technique… My knowledge is increasing daily with Garland’s mentoring.”

Suzanne Anderson

The Self Publishing Expert

No Need To Change Planning Software Tools

The techniques I teach will work no matter what your planning tools are. I will show you some fantastic software planning tools I use, but the same techniques will work for the planning tools you are already using like Outlook, Google Calenear, Evernote, Onenote, etc.

Stop The Insanity – Take Action Today!

It is time to break the cycle of doing the same thing day after day and hoping things will improve.

You CAN Do This – and I’ll show you how.


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