How To Freelance Online

how to freelance onlineThe Internet lets people work on projects all over the world and freelancing online is the fastest way to make money online. In this workshop, Garland Coulson, “The EBusiness Tutor will teach you how to make money by freelancing online from your own home or office computer.

In this “How To Freelance Online” workshop you will learn:

  • Why freelancing is your fastest way to make money online
  • How to earn up to $200 per hour freelancing
  • What skills you already have that can be turned into freelance income
  • How to find the right freelance projects for you
  • How to stand out from other, cheaper freelancers online
  • How to create a fantastic portfolio
  • How to write cover letters that make employers take notice
  • How to save time by weeding out the poor projects and employers
  • How to fill your project time in only 1 hour per day
  • How to make money from the skills of others
  • How to make sure you get paid quickly for your freelance work
  • When to “fire” clients
  • How to earn residual income from freelancing
  • How to form online strategic partnerships to increase earnings
  • Which are the best online freelancing web sites

Why Does Garland Know “How To Freelance?”

Garland has worked both sides of the freelance fence. Garland has brought in thousands of dollars per month in freelance work and has also employed many freelancers. In addition Garland has acted as project manager for many client freelance projects. This experience as a freelancer, project manager and freelance employer makes him an expert on how to freelance online.

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