Your time is precious, but spend just one hour in a poorly run meeting and you’ll begin to feel like money is leaking out of your pocket. That’s why we’ve built this free Meeting Cost Calculator. With it, you can quickly determine the cost of your meetings in terms of both wasted time and hard cash.

Plug in the numbers for your team – it just takes a minute and find out what your meetings are really costing you.

Those meetings add up. Surveys estimate that workers spend over 9 hours every week preparing for and attending meetings. Executives spend up to 23 hours every week! At least 71% of senior management say their meetings are unproductive and inefficient, wasting valuable employee time. If you’re looking to take action and reduce those costs, we’ve got the resources to help.

  1. Our Free Meeting Cost Calculator (permanent page) – use this to demonstrate the costs of ineffective meetings to your leaders and co-workers
  2. Our Meeting Success Checklist – a checklist to make sure every meeting is successful
  3. Our “Team Meeting Pro Tips” Workshops
  4. Our “Running Effective Meetings” online course

Want to learn how to save time and money in meetings? Book our Team Meeting Pro Tips workshop for your employees and involve everyone in creating more productive, action-oriented meetings instead of time-sucking “black holes.”