As a blogger who spends time writing each week, I am always looking for ways to do faster keyword research.

What is keyword research?

Keyword research is finding out what keywords and keyword phrases people are using when they search Google and other search engines.

Why do I do keyword research, you ask?

I do keyword research for two main reasons:

  1. Finding Better Topics for my Audience – by knowing what my audience is looking for online, I can create articles with topics more relevant to their needs and what they are looking for.
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – by choosing topics and key words that are higher traffic, I increase traffic to my web site.

Anyone who owns a web site or a blog or who writes online content needs to do keyword research.

So keyword research is important, but…

Keyword Research is Time Consuming

Keyword research can take a lot of time. First you use a tool to determine how many searches the keyword has, then you need to copy and paste into a spreadsheet, do another search, copy and paste the new numbers and so on. Keyword research on even a single topic can take a LOT of time.

Faster Keyword Research

Any time I find a time-consuming but critical task, I start looking for tools or methods to make it faster and more efficient.

So I started testing different software to see if I could find a faster keyword research tool.

Winner – Faster Keyword Research Tool

Of all the keyword research tools I tested, KW Finder came out the winner. Here is why:

faster keyword research tool

  1. Keyword List Building – If you watch this keyword research video (see top of this article), it shows you how quickly I can check off any relevant keywords I like and add them to a new or existing keyword research list. KW Finder is THE FASTEST way I have found to assemble these lists, saving me hours of work every week.
  2. Interface – I really like the interface on KW Finder. It is very clean and easy to use and the terms all have a ? next to them which you can point to to find out more about what the terms mean.
  3. Difficulty Levels – Many high traffic keywords are very competitive and hard to gain top ranking for. KW Finder shows a difficulty level out of 100 for every keyword, showing you how competitive each keyword is. This helps me find low competition keywords that still have decent traffic. One single keyword phrase I found with only 40 searches a month has brought me thousands of dollars in income.
  4. Trends – In addition to search volume and difficulty levels, KW Finder also shows me the recent trend of the keyword phrase. This way I can see if the search volume is steady, increasing, or declining.
  5. Search Results – KW Finder also shows you the top results for the keyword you are testing. This shows you who your competitors are, but can also highlight words that aren’t relevant. For example, if I search for the word “speakers” and the top results are all to do with portable bluetooth speakers, this shows me that I need to refine the phrase if I am looking for gigs as a professional speaker. So I would add modifiers to the word “speakers” like “professional speaker,” “motivational speaker,” or “time management speaker” and test each of them.
  6. Advertising – If you are planning on advertising in Google Adwords, KW Finder will show the average cost per click (CPC) that people are paying for that keyword as well as how competitive the keyword.
  7. Support – A tool is only as good as its support team. Since I use these tools professionally for myself and my clients, the support levels have to be excellent. I have used KW Finder’s support on a number of occasions and have found them very responsive and helpful. And they are continually adding new features as well.
  8. Additional SEO Tools – KW Finder is part of a suite of SEO tools that includes additional tools to track your keyword rankings,  find your backlinks and check on competitors. It is fast evolving into my all-on-one Seo tool suite.
  9. Affordable – While the tools that KW Finder is a part of are some of the best I have seen, rivaling tools that cost $100 to $200 per month, the basic package starts at $29.90 per month and is sufficient for most small business owners and organizations.

I highly recommend KW Finder and it’s sister tools.

Want additional training on how to do keyword research or want to outsource your keyword research to our team? Contact us.