Employee Training with “Captain Time​”

Are you tired of missing deadlines? Do your employees constantly seem overwhelmed? Does your team feel stressed out and under-supported? If any of these things sound familiar, we can help. We provide employee training on time management and productivity. Our training is proven to help teams double or even triple their productivity.

We take a holistic approach to help employees prioritize their work and focus on projects that will actually lead to results.

We believe that happy employees make productive employees. This means we show your team how they can reduce the stress they feel at work by making better use of their time, and spending their time on meaningful tasks that align with the company’s goals.

Employees who feel more in control of their time also experience less stress outside of work. When people aren’t overwhelmed by a crushing workload, they’re free to spend more time with family and friends, enjoy hobbies, and take care of themselves physically and mentally. And when employees are happier at home, they’ll be happier and more productive at work!

These sessions are for groups, if you want any of these for an individual, click here to book one-on-one training.

I usually teach these via my professional Zoom account, but can also work with whatever meeting platform you use.

Here are our most popular training topics. Click on the links below to find out more and book your first productivity employee training session.

employee training to reduce stress

Productivity Training

  • Team Meeting Pro Tips ($175)
  • Focus: Unlocking Your Secret Superpower ($175)
  • Inbox Zero Email Mastery Workshop ($175)
  • Time Management Success Formula ($175)
  • Goal Setting: Creating Your Best Year – EVER! ($175)
  • Task Management Training ($175)
  • Hiring & Working with Virtual Assistants ($175)
  • The Art of Delegating Effectively ($175)
  • Introduction to Process Documentation Using Checklists ($175)
  • Creating & Maintaining a Staff Training Library ($175)
  • Outsourcing Tips & Tricks ($175)
  • Working from Home Effectively ($175)
  • Creating and Using a Personal Knowledge DataBase ($175)
  • Brainstorming for Business ($175)

Business & Marketing Training

  • Introduction to Business Networking using BX Networking (Free)
  • Introduction to Content Marketing ($175)
  • Introduction to Email Marketing ($175)
  • Introduction to Digital Marketing ($175)
  • Introduction to Search Engine Optimization/SEO ($175)
  • Building Online Business Relationships via Social Media ($175)
  • Brainstorming Your Lean Canvas ($175)
  • Creating & Selling Your Online Courses ($175)
  • Creating Your Customer Value Ladder ($175)

Software Training

  • KWFinder (keyword research for SEO) ($175)
  • MailerLite/Email Marketing Training ($175)
  • Mind Mapping for Businesses ($175)
  • MindMeister (mind mapping) ($175)
  • Making the Most of Your Task Management System ($175)
  • Introduction to Nimble CRM ($175)
  • Creating & Using A Personal Knowledge Database ($175)
  • Introduction to Microsoft OneNote ($175)
  • Introduction to Note-Taking using UpNote ($175)
  • Introduction to Task Management using ZenKit ToDo ($175)

Mind Mapping Training

  • Introduction to Mind Mapping ($175)
  • Mind Mapping for Coaching ($175)
  • Goal Setting by Mind Mapping ($175)
  • Lean Canvas Mind Mapping ($175)
  • Running Effective Meetings with Mind Mapping ($175)
  • Digital Nation Building by Mind Mapping ($175)
  • Creating a Customer Value Ladder Mind Map ($175)

Non-Profit Training

  • Effective Meetings for Non-Profits ($125)
  • Time Tips for Non-Profits ($125)
  • Task Management Software Training for Non-Profits ($125)
  • Powerful Websites for Non-Profits ($125)
  • Digital Marketing for Non-Profits ($125)
  • Email Marketing for Non-Profits ($125)
  • Content Marketing for Non-Profits ($125)
  • Mind Mapping for Non-Profits ($125)
“WOW! Garland REALLY knows his stuff. He’s extremely pleasant to work with and knowledgeable. There is no better combination and there is no better instructor on this topic. I highly recommend!”
Dave Lopez

Principal Engineer & Owner, David A. Lopez Mixing, Mastering and Audio Finishing

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