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Delegation – a key skill that isn’t taught well

We all know delegation is a critical skill to free us up to do more important, higher-value tasks ourselves, but many of us get bogged down trying to effectively delegate and follow-up on tasks we need to get off our plate.

Frustrated, we often take back the tasks and grumble, “If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.” If this sounds like you, you are delegating wrong!

But it isn’t your fault. Chances are, you and your team haven’t received high-quality delegation skills training from a world-renowned instructor to show you the right way to delegate.

I’m Garland Coulson aka “Captain Time” and I would be honoured to help you, your team or your entire organization!

System Neutral

No matter what task management system you are using, I will show you how to use it to delegate more effectively.

As your time management coach, I help you reach success more quickly than you can manage on your own because I help you blast through the obstacles that are stopping you. I have a wealth of experience from helping clients for over 15 years.

My delegation skills training program is offered worldwide via Zoom, Google Duo, Google Meet, other web conferencing software, phone, chat or email.

What will you learn from your time management coach?

In our delegation skills training sessions, you will learn:

  • how to analyze your task list to identify and highlight tasks that should be delegated
  • how to get priorities completed every day
  • ways to break bad time habits
  • how to outsource your repetitive work to free up time for priorities
  • techniques for saving thousands of dollars in expenses with the right tools, approaches, and people
  • powerful free and low-cost tools to help you succeed
  • how to create more time every week for your family and passions

If you are a manager or business owner, we will show you how to get work done through others while managing your own time. If you are an employee, we will teach you powerful time management skills that will help you stand out from the crowd and gain more success.  Check out our various training packages below.

Knows his stuff

“WOW! Garland REALLY knows his stuff. He’s extremely pleasant to work with and knowledgeable. There is no better combination and there is no better instructor on this topic. I highly recommend!”

-Dave Lopez, Principal Engineer & Owner, David A. Lopez Mixing, Mastering and Audio Finishing

Transform my work experience

“Thanks for your transformation of my work experience.”

-Toshi Shibano, President, Executive Financial Literacy

Chat with Garland

Chat with Garland for a few minutes and you’ll be making statements like, “What a great idea!” and “Now I get it!” He is the e-business Buddha!

Murray Fuhrer, Extreme Esteem Workshops

5 stars

“Garland is truly extraordinary! Five stars doesn’t even touch on the high level of service and support you will receive from Garland. Will certainly use his services again in the future. He is quick, concise, innovative and has excellent communication skills, all the things that make a job successful!”

Nicole Masters. Integrity Soils

Delegation Training Packages

We offer delegation training for individuals and for employee groups. Click on the buttons below to book.

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